Akron principal speaks at state conference

By on August 10, 2011

Akron Elementary School principal Dr. Enrica Gerhart provided a presentation at the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) conference at Penn State University in July.

The 2011 PaTTAN conference was entitled 21st Century School Improvement & AYP: Ensuring Competence and Growth Opportunities for All Students, including Students with Disabilities. During her presentation, entitled One Practitioner’s Path to Sustainable Practices via RTII and Shared Leadership, Dr. Gerhart spoke about challenges and successes during the early years of the implementation of Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTII), including seeking district-level support, building a vision, creating culture, changing personnel roles, manipulating schedules and prioritizing daily routines. She also reviewed examples of sustainable practices and shared leadership.

RTII is a process designed to help children succeed in the classroom by using research-based strategies to diagnose learning difficulties, devise an academic treatment plan and put the child on the path to academic success. It is a three-tiered process in which a student is given the prescriptive instruction he or she needs to succeed in the classroom. Each struggling student is matched to a research-based strategy to help him or her achieve success.

RTII is highly dependent on monitoring student progress. Decisions about students and their interventions are made through an RTII team that includes a team of teachers and the school psychologist, guidance counselor and principal.

Dr. Gerhart’s presentation objectives included:

? To help educators develop an understanding of the impact of cultural change on sustainable reform efforts

? To extend their knowledge through practical applications that foster school improvement

? To help participants prepare two goals that are achievable, measurable, affordable and sustainable. More GERHART, page A16

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