Carols to our ears

By on December 13, 2017

Downtown jewelry shop ‘rings’ in the holiday season with return of town music

Bernie Shiffler may not like the cold, but he likes Christmas.

The Park Hill Jewelry owner has operated the jewelry shop in picturesque downtown Ephrata since 1987 and can vividly recall the festive traditions of the town every holiday season over the years.

In addition to extravagantly lit trees lining the sidewalks, the town used to mount speakers on to light posts in the square to play holiday music each Christmas.

Recently, this tradition ceased to exist, so for the past three years, Shiffler and his fiancee have installed speakers outside of Park Hill Jewelry to play Christmas music throughout the day.

“People will push open the door to the shop and yell ‘I love the music’,” Shiffler said. “I haven’t gotten any complaints about it. No grinches yet.”

Shiffler plans to continue this new tradition every year because it has been met with such positive feedback from the community. The music typically plays from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m., though according to Shiffler, he would “love to leave it on all the time.”

The music encourages cold shoppers to pop into the jewelry shop. “We love when people come in,” Shiffler said. “We love the feedback and there’s always hot coffee.”

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