Clay development waits for street dedication

By on April 18, 2012

By: JACQUELINE WATSON Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

It was another wait-and-see night for residents of Wildflower Pond at the Clay Township board of supervisors meeting, but hopefully not for too much longer.

The Wildflower Pond residents have been waiting for the developer, Dr. Carlton Busco, to dedicate the streets to Clay Township. This would change the streets from being private streets to township streets that are overseen by the township.

Busco has not finished meeting requirements for street dedication. Resident Rick Bernarduci again requested updates on what the developer Busco is planning. Township solicitor Jennifer Mejia responded with the information from Busco’s council that a detailed plan will be sent to Mejia no later than the following Friday, March 16. Mejia was hopeful that the information would be sent to her by Friday, but stated her intention to call the developer’s council if she did not receive the information.

It had originally been thought that Busco was currently the homeowner’s association and would eventually establish the residents as the homeowner’s association. According to Bernarduci, a lawyer representing the residents of Wildflower Pond did not find records that Busco ever started the homeowner’s association. Although a homeowner’s association was part of the original agreement for buying into the development, it was stated by Bernarduci that he and other residents of Wildflower Pond do not want a homeowner’s association.

Meija suggested that the plan she would be receiving from Busco would probably include a response to these statements from Wildflower Pond residents, including whether there is currently a homeowner’s association.

"What the township wants and I believe what the residents want is a comprehensive resolution that’s going to resolve these things," Mejia said in response to questions about issues blocking street dedication.

Charity Gardens residents also had to do a little waiting to have their question from the meeting answered. Resident Robert Straub, chairman of the Charity Gardens Unit Owners Association Storm Water Management Oversight Committee, was in attendance regarding issues involving the storm water management system.

A letter had been sent to the township ahead of the meeting. Charity Gardens wanted reassurance that joints on the underground pipe are not just silt proof, but also waterproof. Charity Gardens would like the matter resolved, as the date when the developer is released from much of his responsibility is approaching within the year.

Although the Township Engineer Bob Lynn was not connected with the installation, he could confirm that according to information he found, it appeared the appropriate gaskets had been used. Lynn has been in contact with the Ephrata Township engineer who is investigating the matter of the joints effectiveness. The board assured Straub that they would contact him as soon as they received information from the Ephrata Township engineer, which they expected to be soon.

Straub also extended a formal welcome to the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department on behalf of Charity Gardens.

"We just wanted to, as an association, welcome the new police arrangements," he said. "It sounds to us like it’s going to be a big improvement. Not that we have any criticisms of the former police department, but just it sounds like we’re going to have expanded coverage of all of our neighborhoods, 24/7 coverage, which is a big, big improvement for which we are grateful."

In other business, waiver requests were approved from Refreshing Mountain Camp. These waivers were in connection with Refreshing Mountain Camp’s plan to make changes, including replacing many campsites with 13 two-bedroom cabins, a small pavilion and an addition to a dwelling. This is in response to the fact that high gas prices are causing less people to want to drive large trailers into the camp. Ted Cromleigh of Diehm and Sons presented these waiver requests to the board on behalf of refreshing Mountain Camp.

"We feel that a waiver of this section is justified for the following reasons: we’re not changing any property lines, the expansion is on existing property and re-development of existing facilities within the same developed ‘footprint’ as existing facilities currently being utilized on the site," he said.

Another reason given for the waiver request included the fact that the changes are expected to decrease traffic on the access road. More CLAY, page A18

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