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By on September 4, 2013


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Issues hindering the process of road dedication in the Wildflower Pond development, remain slow to be resolved.

Clay Township Manager Bruce Leisey mentioned that one party involved had suggested that maybe Clay should help facilitate a meeting between those involved. The municipality’s purpose would be to help with communication between the parties. The board wanted it kept clear that they still are not involved in any more official position than assisting with communication.

"As long as it doesn’t drag us in any deeper than that. I mean I think it should be clear to him that we’re here as a facilitator," explained Secretary Keith Martin and Chairman Timothy Lausch at the August Supervisors meeting.

The board agreed to host such a meeting and is hopeful it will help expedite the progress in Wildflower Pond.

Concerns for the new stormwater management ordinance were also discussed at the August meeting.

"I think despite what you may have read in the newspaper lately, it’s not as bad as you may think it is," started off Township Engineer Bob Lynn.

The county’s model ordinance which was approved by DEP did not include exemptions. This could cause even small projects to become a major undertaking.

"At square foot one you would need to do something," explained Lynn.

When DEP was approached about not including exemptions, they pointed out that the county had not asked for the exemptions in there model ordinance. The county is now amending their model ordinance to include exemptions, but there is no guarantee that DEP will approve the amended ordinance. The exemptions in the model ordinance would include projects of up to 1,000 square feet. Clay Township has now also amended their draft ordinance which has to be in compliance with the county model.

The Clay Township draft ordinance also includes a distinction between small project permits from 1,000-2,000 feet; minor permits which will include anything from 2,000-5,000 feet; and major permits for those projects over 5,000 feet. It remains to be seen whether DEP will approve the county’s amended model ordinance.

In other business:

The revised resolution for approval of Phase Two of the Hometowne Square development was adopted.

The board received concerns from a resident regarding the lack of signage around a curve on West Burkholder Drive. These comments were prompted by a recent accident on the resident’s property. The board agreed to add a curve warning sign to the site.

The Lancaster County Board of Elections plans to rectify a mistake made by their previous chief clerk in the assigning of voting precincts within Clay Township. The mistake resulted in around 20 voters having to drive past one polling location to drive to their assigned polling location. The Clay Township board of supervisors affirmed this correction which is scheduled to take place after this November.

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