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By on January 29, 2014

Town hoping for good news on spring at Ephrata groundhog event Saturday

Is winter over?

Only Cocalico Cal knows and, as the only groundhog who has consistently (actually always) been correct in prognosticating the weather for the next 5-plus weeks, he is very confident that he will “ace” it again for the 12th time on Saturday morning. If, when he ascends from his burrow along the Cocalico Creek, the sight of his shadow sends him back in the hole, six more weeks of winter is in store. But, on the other hand, if he is not frightened by a shadow, he stays out to begin his spring frolicking (similar to Rumschpringa). At his side, as always, will be his trusted friend (shyster lawyer) Attorney Hinnershitz.

Lodge “babies” dunked last year (Left to Right) Little Delmar Zimmerman, Keith “Spanky” Auker and Ken Danielewicz. (Photo submitted)

Lodge “babies” dunked last year (Left to Right) Little Delmar Zimmerman, Keith “Spanky” Auker and Ken Danielewicz. (Photo submitted)

The ceremony will begin with a complete performance of Handel’s “Messiah” sung by the men’s choir of the Lincoln Lodge of the Maximus Marmot. This alone is expected to draw many dignitaries, movie stars and professional athletes to the event. Following the “Messiah,” there will be a demonstration of “twerking” by the Lodge Dance Ensemble, with background music provided by a recently troubled teen star. Seating is not a problem because there is none, but the lawn in front of the park bandshell can easily accommodate the thousands who are expected to attend. What should be Ephrata’s best Groundhog Day ever could be upset, however, by unforeseen circumstances as has so often been the case. Will Cal arrive on time and will he be sober? Will Russian leaders attempt to take Cal to Russia for the Winter Olympics? Will the former lottery mascot, Gus, persist in wooing Cal’s girlfriend? Will the Amish Mafia make an ugly appearance? Will Obama impose a Prognostication Tax?

Ephrata’s Groundhog Day celebration will be held in the Ephrata Park on Saturday at 9 a.m., rain, snow or shine. Everyone is invited. Admission and parking are free. Free coffee and doughnuts are served in the Eicher House prior to the pageant and new recruits for the groundhog lodge are dunked in the Cocalico Creek afterward (Initiation of Immersion) The event is sponsored by the Lincoln Lodge of the Maximus Marmot on behalf of Ephrata Area Social Services. Attendees may bring non-perishable items for the EASS food bank. Funding to underwrite the presentation is provided by Martindale Airlines.

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