Ephrata 10-year-old gives up her presents for others

By on December 23, 2015

It’s not often that a 10-year-old would approach her parents and tell them she doesn’t need anything for Christmas, but instead would like to do something for others.

It was not an easy decision, but Ephrata’s Jazzlyn Lusby knew in her heart that is what she wanted to do this Christmas.

“It came to her after leaving LCBC (church) one Sunday,” said her mother Jamie.

She wanted to team up with Suzanne, the co-founder of Woofi.org. Suzanne grew up an orphan, and has a tremendous burden to reach orphans, children, and adults with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to bring comfort through a little puppy named Woofi.

Over 66,000 Woofi’s have been given out throughout the United States and in over 50 different countries. Where there are people that need hope and comfort, these Woofi’s have been sent &tstr;to natural disaster victims, school shooting victims, to nursing homes, children’s hospitals, deployed solders families, veterans and the list goes on and on.

Jazzlyn set a goal to raise enough money to hand out 100 Woofi’s this Christmas. She did a pizza dough fund raiser with the help of her Nana, family, and many friends, in addition to working odd jobs for others. Many donated money toward the cause.

“Her heart was to go into nursing homes and find elderly people who might be alone this Christmas and didn’t have much to look forward to, kids in the hospital and people who (have had) life throw them unexpected curve balls,” said Jamie.

Little did Jazzlyn know many doors would be open and she would have the opportunity to continue to bless people way past Christmas and into the new year.

Her goal of reaching 100 people has been surpassed and, as of right now, she has 210 Woofi’s to give out. Jazzlyn was given the opportunity to start her own mission under Woofi.org and continue blessing others, not just around Christmas, but for months to come.

“This has not been easy for Jazzlyn, as Christmas gets closer and the reality of what she has decided to give up, is hard some days. Friends think she’s crazy, and listening to them talk about what they are getting for Christmas is hard. But she has learned many valuable lessons as a young age already. Jesus doesn’t always ask us to do easy things, and they are not always popular but they are worth it,” said Jamie. “She knows the moment she gives out her first puppy, all will be fine and she will know she has done the right thing.”

Her mother said Jazzlyn’s desire is to spread the love of Jesus and inspire other kids her age to look past their own wants and see others need to bless them.

Those who feel led to donate toward this mission can make checks payable to Woofi and mail it to 505 Mountain Top Drive, Denver Pa 17517 or gofundme.com/wz6yd9g8.


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