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By on October 1, 2014


Al Trimmer, who many have known as "the local UPS guy," serves up one of his many pumpkin funnel cakes served last week.

Al Trimmer, who many have known as “the local UPS guy,” serves up one of his many pumpkin funnel cakes served last week.

A seasoned veteran has stepped forward to fill the space held for years by the ever-popular Sweigart’s Steaks, and the man’s face is familiar to many in the greater Ephrata area.
Many already knew the operator of Pumpkin Funnel Cakes as Al the UPS guy.
Alan Trimmer recently retired from his job at UPS after almost 25 years. Already familiar with most of our area, what most of those who had gotten to know him over the years did not realize is that he was also the successful owner/operator of not only one, but two fair stands, selling the unique pumpkin flavored funnel cakes.
For the past 14 years, Trimmer has been a staple at a number of local fairs and special events. Originally, the idea behind the stand was to fund college educations for his son and daughter. Now that his son has graduated from the University of Delaware and his daughter from Kent State, the pressure of making a success of the business is not so great. But it does not need to be because his product sells itself and draws quite a crowd.
Trimmer noted the popularity of his product at the annual “Pumpkin Chucking” event in Delaware where participants compete to see which home-made contraption could hurl a pumpkin the farthest across a field. Along with the popularity of the event, Trimmer’s tasty treats have developed a solid following, making them a “must have” treat for event-goers.
Even though the stand was originally started to fund his children’s college education, he said both only occasionally help with the stand now that they have graduated and started their own lives. His wife, however, is quite active in the business. She was running the couple’s second trailer at the Cumberland Apple Festival, which was running at the same time as the Ephrata Fair.
New this year to the Ephrata Fair were crowd controlling barriers, which helped to funnel, channel and direct patrons of popular fair stands so that those crowds would remain closer to the stands instead of creating a “traffic jam” by extending into the fair’s Midway. So in demand was Trimmer’s product that his was one of the few stands with such traffic fencing.
While 2014 marks the first year for Trimmer’s Pumpkin Funnel Cakes, this will certainly not be the last. In addition to annual runs to the York Fair and the Apple Harvest Festival in Adams County, among others, Trimmer says he plans to be back again for years to come.
Commuting daily from his home in York, he said he enjoyed being in Ephrata.
“It is a great fair,” said Trimmer. “I especially like that there is no charge for people to come to the fair. York charges $8 admission. I think this is better.”
He added that it added to his enjoyment being here, since this had been his UPS delivery area.
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