Martin seeking GOP support in 99th District

By on February 5, 2014

Linda Martin

Linda Martin

Linda Martin of Ephrata plans to hit the ground running if she is chosen to serve the 99th Legislative District.

Martin, along with Thomas E. Wentzel and David H. Zimmerman, both of East Earl, and Cocalico High School teacher Chris Buck are all seeking support from the local GOP for the seat currently held by Rep. Gordon Denlinger. Denlinger has announced his candidacy for the seat of Senator Mike Brubaker, who is not seeking reelection.

Martin said she decided to run for the seat because for the past seven years she has worked in the district office of state Rep. Mindy Fee. She has taken a leave of absence from that position without pay or benefits to meet state ethics rules.

“I have a broad knowledge of how the legislative process works and have had the opportunity to serve in many of the capacities that state representatives serve when the representative had other commitments,” she said. “I have worked extensively to help constituents navigate through difficult situations involving various state departments and have, along the way, built many helpful relationships with key liaisons at the state level.

“The extensive number of conversations I have engaged in with our constituents over these past many years with regard to issues that impact their daily lives has given me incredible insight; insight that will greatly assist me in serving the constituents of the 99th district from an up close and personal perspective that will translate into crafting meaningful and relevant public policy,” she said.

An issue that Martin said keeps surfacing is property tax reform.

“From first time home buyers to financially strapped senior citizens living on a fixed income, the burden of these ever increasing taxes has reverberated loudly through the halls of the Capitol,” she said. “There has been some movement on this issue, and if elected, this will be my top priority and I will be committed to work tirelessly to bring a sensible solution that will fund schools equitably and fairly while taking this antiquated financial burden off our homeowners.

Martin said providing a top notch education to students in the Commonwealth is everyone’s responsibility and it must not be compromised in the process.

Another top priority for Martin is pension reform.

“I believe a sensible solution is critical for the fiscal health of the Commonwealth,” she said. “There currently are three bills proposed that attempt to address this situation. I will pay close attention to this legislation and will pledge to do my due diligence and will not ignore this very complex problem.”

Martin said another remaining issue that is important is the unfunded mandates placed upon municipalities and schools, the unreasonable regulations on local businesses and the environmental restrictions put on the farming community.

“There needs to be sensible oversight no doubt, but government needs to get out of the way and allow municipalities, local businesses and farmers to do what they do best: protect the residents they serve, hire local citizens, stimulate the economy, provide food for our communities all while making the Commonwealth a desirable place to live and prosper,” she said.

Martin said she is proud to live in a fiscally and socially conservative district and that traditional family values are at the root of everything she views as important.

She was a stay-at-home mom, who has been married to her husband, Greg, for 36 years.

“I will stand firm in keeping those traditional values intact and will not waiver on important moral issues,” she said, adding she won’t run if the GOP endorses another candidate.

“As you can see, my vast knowledge on the legislative process, combined with a deep understanding of the issues our constituents, businesses and municipalities face will enable me to hit the ground running as I serve the 99th Legislative District,” she said.

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