Mayor flushes casino creation in Adamstown

By on December 13, 2017

The Adamstown Borough meeting on Dec. 5 was unusually sparsely attended, and two council members were absent.

Dave Matz went over details in the adoption of the proposed 2018 budget.

“You all know we’ve been reassessed,” said Matz. “The estimated value of borough property has increased from $117 million to $141 million dollars. The law is that when a reassessment takes place, the presiding municipality has to lower their tax rate to equal what they got the year before on the old value.”

The Council voted to drop the mileage from 2.5 to 2.04. The motion was carried with Cindy Schweitzer and Randy Good absent.

The 2018 budget was officially adopted with no increase in taxes, water, sewer, fees.

“Contrary to the state and feds, we have a balanced budget,” said Matz.

Lt. Thomas Shumaker gave the police report. Notably different from previous reports was the amount of drug related incidences.

“The EMS assists included one Narcan save for an opioid overdose,” said Shumaker. “All three EMS incidences that we responded to were all drug related.”

“It’s right here in town, people,” said Matz.

Mayor Dean Johnson commented on gaming and casinos in our local area.

“Last month, the governor signed in to law Act 42 of 2017 which expands gaming, including the creation of ten new category four casinos,” said Johnson. “There is an opportunity in Act 42 to opt-out, and to do that, you have to pass a resolution stating that the municipality is not interested in gaming and one of these casinos being in your backyard.”

Johnson had ready a resolution to opt-out of Act 42, which is required to be sent by Dec. 31 to the gaming commission.

Council passed the resolution and Alex McManimen suggested it be sent to other local municipalities.

Jessica Kelly proposed a motion for $8,000 be given to a summer playgrounds program at The Grove sponsored by the Adamstown YMCA.

“It will be for five days and open to borough residents first, and after that, open to anyone in the community,” said Kelly.

Council approved the program contract with the YMCA.

Kelly also recommended that the Adamstown YMCA continue to manage the community pool for $74,000 for the season of 2018.

“I’ve only lived in the borough now for 44 years, and I think there are others that have lived here longer than that, but I think the pool is looking the nicest it’s ever looked,” said Mike Wetherhold. “It really, really is looking sharp and it’s probably the best it’s ever been managed. I’d like to thank Mike (Palm) and his crew.”

Council approved the motion.

It was the last meeting for Wetherhold as he announced he would be stepping down from council, effective immediately. Wetherhold will still serve for Adamstown Community Days and Adamstown Area Library.

“Representing the council, I want to thank you for your work” said Matz. “You were very diligent, and we look forward to working with you with Community Days and the library.”

Wetherhold completed the second year of a four-year term.

“Anyone interested in filling the remainder of his position should submit a letter of interest,” said Matz. “Anyone wishing to serve on council must be a resident in this town for at least a year and be a registered voter.”

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