Officials OK larger water well monitorAlso, Humane League service fee increase causes concern for need

By on August 18, 2011

By: MILAN VRACARICH JR. Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

The Borough of Akron is in need of five new transducers for monitoring its water wells. To aid the Akron Council in making an informed decision, Jeff Bologa of Becker Engineering LLC advised the council at an Aug. 8 meeting of its options.

The decision reached that night by the council was which size transducer it would purchase, between a diameter of .72 inch or .88 inch — a seemingly tiny difference until one views the price between the two sets of transducers. The smaller diameter set would cost the borough approximately $9,000 and the larger set would cost less than $5,000. According to Bologa there is no difference in quality between the two.

The debate was whether or not the larger transducers would fit inside the wells and reach an adequate depth. However, there is no guarantee that either transducer will fit inside all of the wells without dismantling the well pumps. The larger transducer was chosen because the pumps may have to be pulled regardless of transducer size and the money saved up front could be used for a contractor to remedy the situation.

Akron Police Chief Thomas Zell brought to the council’s attention the decision of extending the borough’s contract with the Humane League of Lancaster County. The contract for 2012 has been raised to over $3,400, an increase of nearly $1,500 from the 2011 price of approximately $1,900. The contract needs to be signed by Sept. 15.

"My personal feeling is this is getting out of hand," said Akron Police Chief Thomas Zell. "The service we’re getting for (the) cost is not worth it."

According to Zell, the borough has had only two or three dogs in its pen this year. Those dogs were picked up by their respective owners from the police station. The Humane League has not picked up a dog from the borough this year and the only two dogs taken to the Humane League were dropped off by people claiming they found the dogs in Akron.

"How do you know where they’re from? So far this year we’re paying $1,000 a dog," said Zell. "I’d be willing to try the state dog law officer like Ephrata has been doing."

Council member Terry Reber agreed, suggesting the borough try the state dog law officer for a year "then evaluate it and see if it’s the better option."

"For the $3,400 we can buy a lot of dog chow to keep them an extra day or two."

Relying on the state dog law officer does not cost the borough anything; however, Akron residents will not be able to take dogs to the Humane League. More WELL MONITOR, page A16

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