PennDOT: Route 272 bridge glitch fixed

By on November 4, 2015

by Patrick Burns

PennDOT this week offered a detailed explanation on the delayed construction on the Route 272-Reading Road bridge project over U.S. 322 in Ephrata Borough.

Many observant readers have asked why Route 272 had been limited to only one lane each while it appeared all of the work had been completed on the bridge and that only line painting remained.

Well, it turns out there was a construction glitch that was finally fixed this weekER Christmas Tree Bridge Project 3

Mike Crochunis, PennDOT district press officer said the “mountable median curb” on the south side of the bridge was removed on Monday, Oct. 26 because it was constructed incorrectly.

By standards and specifications, the curb can only have a two-inch vertical face or “mountable,” explained Mike Crochunis, PennDOT district press officer

“At two inches, a car has a better chance to recover if they accidentally hit it,” he said.

The curb constructed by the subcontractor was four inches in height.

“Since the curb was not to specification and not ‘mountable,’ this area had to remain closed off to traffic for the safety of the public,” Crochunis said. “The subcontractor was scheduled to replace the curb.

The subcontractor’s corrections were repaired at no cost to PennDOT.

Following removal of the mountable median curb, the roadway approach on the other end of the bridge — in front of the Ephrata Beverage Mart — was milled out and repaved this week.

“The approach was redone by the paving subcontractor because it exceeded our paving tolerances for smoothness and there was a dip that could have held water,” Crochunis said.

The painting subcontractor on Tuesday was painting the abutments and wing walls under the deck.

“The rest of the bridge has been painted but this work remained because the product listed on the contract was no longer used by PennDOT,” Crochunis said. “We directed an alternate product to be used. The representative for the paint system concurred that this is an appropriate application for their product and we directed the contractor to proceed.”

He said that operation “should be quick with minor impacts to traffic on U.S. 322.”

“We should be out of everyone’s way in the next week, weather permitting,” Crochunis said last week.

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See video of completed bridge work

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  1. Mike

    November 5, 2015 at 12:19 pm

    Will there be any work on the sidewalks underneath the bridge to make it possible to walk in and out of town safely?

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