Police presence will increase downtown

By on September 11, 2013

In reports by two separate committees to council, concerns recently raised about youth conduct at the Whistle Stop Plaza were raised.

At the Public Safety Committee meeting, Police Chief William Harvey noted that this is a multifaceted issue which will require a multidisciplinary approach with short, intermediate and long term goals.

He explained that he has been meeting with several Christian Youth Outreaches, his staff, Borough staff and the School Resource Officer over this matter. The police department’s patrol division will increase their visibility by utilizing the Chamber/RR building as an administrative area to increase police interaction.

Remote work station to be created

The police department will create a remote work station for patrol officers in the unused office space (formally the RR Station Conference Room) to use to complete reports and conduct follow-up telephone calls. In addition, these officers will increase their presence along Main Street as well. The TNT, New Joy and Fulton Street Skate-in ministries will interact with the youth in an attempt to create ownership.

Cameras placement, lighting enhancements and placement/design of amenities are being revisited. The removal of the picnic tables was successful and their use will coincide with planned events.

Chairman Bob Good has been active in seeking a good solution to the problem. He explained that this is a public place for all to enjoy and use and that this includes the youths at the center of this discussion to enjoy as well. He further stated that this is a long term solution and not entirely the police department’s problems, but was appreciative of the police in heading this up for now. He further reminded all about creating trust from the community to these youth in the actions.

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