Preliminary plans approved on 16-acre development

By on March 6, 2019

Ephrata Twp. supervisors move forward on Ephrata Crossing development across from Giant on Main Street

The Ephrata Crossing preliminary development plan, a construction that includes a three-story hotel, was approved by Ephrata Township supervisors Tuesday.

The proposed development, a project of Property Investing and Management Inc., owned by developer Rick Stauffer, is located on 16 acres on the southwest corners of the intersection of Pleasant

Valley Road and East Main Street, Ephrata.

Six lots were presented for uses that include a hotel, fitness center, retail shops, restaurants and a bank.

A proposed public road, Quarry Ridge Drive, will be extended through the development from the Lakeside Villa housing development to Pleasant Valley Road.
PennDOT has approved the traffic impact study for the project, but Stauffer still has to provide a copy of the PennDOT Highway Occupancy Permit, the supervisors said.

The Ephrata Township Planning Commission recently approved a zoning ordinance that would limit signs to a maximum height of 20 feet, as recommended by the Lancaster County Planning Commission. The height restriction was made in regards to planned signs at Ephrata Crossing.

The 16.2 acre lot will be divided into six land parcels of varying sizes.

The planned hotel will be 16,750 square feet, with 111 parking spaces.

Also planned is a main 20,000-square-foot commercial building; three retail building at 2,400-, 4,200-, and 7,500-square-foot with 206 parking spaces. There’s a planned 4,050 square-foot restaurant with 77 parking spaces; and two more restaurants at 1,650, 3,925-square-foot, a 28-space parking section; and 4,300-square-foot bank building and 22 parking spaces.

There is also another 2,030-square-foot retail building; and large 20,000-square-foot retail space with 88 parking spaces.

Construction of the new Quarry Ridge Drive, plus sidewalks, storm water management facilities and landscaping will also be part of the project. The Ephrata Crossing project is located in the Ephrata-Akron Urban Growth Area, designated for mixed use. The Lancaster County Planning Commission recommended that Stauffer and the township consider creating a direct pedestrian connection between the Ephrata Crossing development and the adjacent Ephrata Township Park.

A reference document of the Lancaster County Comprehensive Plan, called “Greenscapes,” stresses the importance of creating access to green spaces in urban parts of the county.

The planning commission’s recommendation notes “ being able to access the lake and walking trails of Ephrata Township Park would further enhance the experience of diners, shoppers, and guests at the proposed hotel.”

Also recommended by the planning commission is a landscaping plan that includes a diversity of trees, and proposes planting trees and shrubs native to Pennsylvania.
In February, the supervisors granted the Ephrata Crossing developer a 51-day extension to act on Phase One of the final plan; the new deadline will be April 17.

A number of waivers were granted Tuesday evening in order to approve the Ephrata Crossing preliminary plan. They include a modification of the requirement to provide a minimum access drive of 150 feet. Instead, Stauffer was granted a short-access drive segment with a centerline radius of 27 feet at the ‘entrance only’ access off East Main Street. Instead of the initially required 100 feet clear sight triangles, the developer was granted his proposal to provide 85-feet clear sight triangles at the intersections of Quarry Ridge Drive with the “Lot One” and “Lot Two” access drives.

Instead of a 15-feet wide planted buffer, the supervisors agreed to a 10-feet wide planted buffer along the parking lot adjacent to the township Park property. Because this narrower natural buffer was approved, the planning commission said the developer must provide an alternative landscape plan, acceptable to the township, that includes a planting plan along all disturbed areas and the base of the retaining wall, which is near a wetland area.

Instead of providing access drives a minimum of 10 feet from the side or rear property lines, the supervisors approved joint access drives centered on the lot lines.
As the project moves forward, the developer will have to conform to a number of recommendations and gain township approval of several proposals.

Marylouise Sholly is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.

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