Ready for the job

By on March 18, 2011

"I m flattered and honored to have been considered for this position, exclaimed George DiIllio the morning after being selected by Ephrata Borough Council to fill a vacant seat. Service to one’s community is so important; as a result, I intend to take this position very seriously.

DiIllio was one of five people up for consideration for the open seat. Like him, two of his opponents were Democrats while two others were independents. Of the Democrats, one of his opponents was his wife Ginny. DiIlio said he was surprised he was selected since Ephrata has traditionally, and remains, a largely Republican town. But, he said, he believes his record of community service shined through. I ve worked with many other municipal governing bodies, so I d like to believe that what I stand for and and am willing to work for becomes much more important than political affiliation, he said. After all, being a member of borough council isn’t a matter of being politically oriented it s a matter of being civic-minded.

DiIllio was selected to fill the seat for the rest of this year. He will need to face voters this fall in order to serve out the remaining two years of the term, vacated by Wendy Perillo. While Democratic candidates have typically faced an uphill battle to get elected locally, DiIllio is undaunted by his prospects this fall. One never knows, said DiIllio of the upcoming race. I intend to work hard, let all within the third ward know that I represent them, and let the chips fall where they may.

That upbeat, positive tone carries over to DiIllio s expectation to formulate a good working relationship with his fellow council members, regardless of party affiliation. I will experience nothing but seven other council members who have the best interests of Ephrata in their hearts, he said. We may differ on occasion, but we will reach harmonious accord.

Quite a bit of drama surrounded the process of electing Perillo s replacement. Replacing a council member in mid-stream is not something that borough council faced every day in their past, he said. I think a better procedure could have been put in place, and I will convey such a procedure to council president.

DiIllio also discussed what he hopes to bring to council now that he has been seated. I hope to bring a different view on some of the issues, he said. I have a long history with Downtown Ephrata Inc., and I hope to see how I may further some of the progressive activities of DEI. I will be relying on my decades of work as a community planner and municipal consultant as a useful resource in solving borough issues in creative but cost-effective ways. I hope to be judged on how I approach the issues, how I interact with and respect others and how I respond to the stated concerns of those in the third ward, he continued. I m simply awed by this new chapter in my life and am looking forward to working hard for the continued vitality of Ephrata Borough. More DiILLIO, page A18

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