Roland finishes half-marathon

By on September 24, 2014
Troy Roland after the race

Troy Roland after the race

Mission accomplished.
Troy Roland of Ephrata said it wasn’t pretty, but he did it, completing a half marathon in Philadelphia Sept. 21.
Roland, who lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident, started running a year after the accident in 5k races and then moved on to 10k distances. He used his motto to “never give up” to prepare for Sunday’s race, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon
“I just completed the half marathon in Philly,” he said. “It wasn’t pretty. I was hoping to finish in the time limit before they closed the course down.”
Roland said at six miles in, he started having leg cramps and the tail vehicle was insisting he get in and ride a few minutes, but he refused.
“I was told that I had to ride along because they were opening up the road for traffic,” he said. “I said that they can take my number and I was going to finish.”
Roland said he was told that he wouldn’t receive a medal if he didn’t get in the vehicle.
“I told her that I didn’t care because this was about my goal to finish and nothing else mattered to me,” he said. “She understood and took my timing chip, loaded me up with a couple bottles of Gatorade and went on her way.”
Roland said each mile was a struggle with leg cramps and he had to sit or lay down multiple times to stretch and wait till the cramping left. He said every water stop was shut down by the time he got there, so his Gatorade is what kept him going.
“I managed to be able to run again around the 10 mile mark and finally finished after 5 hours and 20 minutes,” he said. “It wasn’t pretty but it was my goal to finish. There’s no way I was getting in that tail vehicle.”



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