Sanguinito seeks House seat

By on February 19, 2014

Bryan Sanguinito

Bryan Sanguinito

Ephrata’s Bryan Sanguinito, 38, former president of the Reading Education Association, has declared his candidacy for the Pennsylvania State House of Representatives. He hopes to serve the people of the 99th Legislative District, which includes the Eastern Lancaster County School District, the Ephrata Area School District and part of the Pequea Valley School District. He will be seeking the official endorsement of the Lancaster County Democratic Committee at their nominations convention Feb. 22.

Sanguinito is running for the open seat in order to continue advocating for school children and working Pennsylvanians. Additionally, he wishes to fight for the well-being of people he considers “hometown heroes,” including police, firefighters, nurses, first responders and veterans. A “democratic constitutionalist,” Sanguinito has stated that, above all else, he would defend the rights and freedoms “guaranteed to us by God and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

“The American Dream is not just for the wealthy, but for every man and woman willing to work hard enough to achieve it,” Sanguinito states on his campaign website, Sanguinito has vowed to fight “for our families and our future,” and contends that Governor Corbett has harmed our youngest citizens by ignoring and circumventing the State Constitution that he was sworn to uphold.

“Our State Constitution mandates that the General Assembly shall provide for the maintenance of a thorough and efficient system of public education. Yet Tom Corbett has cut over $1 billion from public school students since taking office, resulting in school closures, increased class sizes, cuts to the arts and music, the inability to fix crumbling buildings, and the elimination of early childhood education programs,” he said. “Worse yet, Mr. Corbett has tried to unconstitutionally divert funds for public education to charter schools and private institutions. Thanks to Governor Corbett and his barbaric education policies, our schoolchildren and aspiring college students are losing once-in-a-lifetime chances for success that they will never get back. Our children deserve better!”

Sanguinito cited the governor’s record of granting special tax breaks to big oil billionaires while many working Pennsylvanians struggle to make ends meet.

“While Tom Corbett defends policies that benefit Wall Street, I will strive to make life better for those of us on Main Street,” he said. “By stealing from our school children, trampling upon the rights of hard-working men and women, dishonoring those who serve with honor and choosing profits over people, Tom Corbett has failed to live up to his commitment to the citizens and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.”

Once elected, Sanguinito would push for reforms which would require large corporations to pay their fair share of state taxes in order to relieve the property tax burden on area homeowners. He would also seek new ways to incentive small local businesses in the area that hire more local workers in order to boost the local economy.

Sanguinito stated he will reach out to Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike to find “common sense solutions for the common good of our community.”

In addition to his campaign website, Sanguinito can be contacted on Twitter (@fightforpa) and can be reached and followed at Additionally, his campaign committee, “Friends of Bryan for PA House”, can be reached at P.O. Box 27, Akron, PA 17501, or via e-mail at

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