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By on October 29, 2014
Bryan Sanguinito

Bryan Sanguinito

David H. Zimmerman

David Zimmerman

          Sanguinito  v.  Zimmerman in 99th Pa. District

David Zimmerman, 58-year-old Republican, is an East Earl Township supervisor and its roadmaster,

Bryan Sanguinito, 39-year-old Democrat from Ephrata, is a music teacher in the Berks County.



Several local contested races will highlight Tuesday’s general election here.

Polls open at 7 a.m., Nov. 4 and though light voter turnout is expected, there clearly is intrigue in these races. First up, is the race for the 99th House seat:
The Ephrata Review asked eight questions that don’t necessarily reflect on state business. Some questions gauge a candidate’s knowledge of pressing local issues (affecting readers/constituents) that may help provide a broader profile of how a candidate will legislate on a broader level.

Questions for Bryan Sanguinito and David Zimmerman

1) What is the single most important issue facing this elected office, and what is your platform on this issue?
2) Any thoughts on funding of local institutions such as Rec Centers, Libraries, Swim Clubs, etc.
3) Where do you stand on Ephrata’s controversiall proposed rental ordinance.
4) What are your thoughts on the proposed Cocalico Regional Police department.
5) How do you feel about some residents’ calls (such as Brecknock and Caernarvon) to return to local police coverage vs. Pa. State Police?
What is your position on:
6) Some residents have criticized East Cocalico township as being unfriendly to business (especially retail) that they say is needed to create teen jobs and increase RE tax revenues.
7) Legalization of marijuana in Pennsylvania?
8) Local school district’s hiring of outside speakers to promote an abstinence agenda?

Bryan Sanguinito
1) After knocking on over 5000 doors, voters have overwhelmingly told me they are tired of cuts to their kids’ schools despite continuous property tax increases. If Pennsylvania charged the same extraction fee as all other oil and gas producing state (we are the only state that doesn’t charge one), we could lower property taxes and fund our public schools at the same time.

2) These organizations provide valuable services and contribute to the well-being of our children and families, and we need to support them and work with them to enrich and enhance our communities.

3) While it is important to keep Ephrata a beautiful place to work and live, we must avoid government overreach and make certain that any policies adopted at the local level do not infringe upon the Constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens.

4) When separate municipalities agree to work together, it is imperative that they remain committed to that process. Regardless of what is ultimately decided, the main priority must be the safety and protection of the citizens of those communities.

5) I have great respect and am fighting for hometown heroes like our law enforcement officers, regardless of whether they are local or state police officers. It is my great hope that the voices of the citizens are heard and considered when this decision is made. Residents deserve to have their voices heard, and any decisions that are made must ultimately be based on what is best for the safety of our citizens.

6) It would be ideal for municipalities to work with local chambers of commerce and merchants’ associations in order to bring more small business opportunities to our communities. It takes a cooperative effort including all involved parties to help boost our local economy.

7) I support any medicine that will help chronically ill citizens, especially seniors and children, including marijuana. I trust doctors to do what is right by their patients.

8) School boards have the right to invite whatever outside speakers they wish, and parents have just as much right to express their opinion and request their children not participate in said assembly.

David Zimmerman

1. Pension Reform – The current system is not sustainable. Unchecked this will lead to massive tax increases and leaves no money for other things. We need to move to a defined benefit system (401K)

2. I believe these programs should do feasibility studies to see that they can be sustainable. Between fund raisers and user fees budgets should balance. Any local or State tax monies should be considered gifts and not depended upon. Budgets should not be built with tax payer monies.

3. It is unfortunate that a few Landlords that do not maintain their properties leads to more stringent ordinances that effect all Landlords. I support the Ephrata Borough Leaders for working hard to have a clean, well maintained and respectable community for all its residents.
I’m always on the side of less ordinances, less restrictive ordinances and less government overall. In Ephrata’s case several of these Landlords were simply not getting it and forced the Borough to take these strict measures.

4-5. Regional police departments can be some of the very best and most efficient policing units available. It requires a willingness between all involved to communicate and get along. Municipalities need to have well crafted, fair and equitable agreements in place. And municipal leaders and law enforcement personnel need to support each other and remain open minded.
State Police provide police coverage to municipalities without any assessment.
Local police can be more readily available. They can more easily do community policing and they can enforce local ordinances. This however comes at a cost.

7. Against (legalization of marijuana )

8. Support (local school district’s hiring of outside speakers to promote an abstinence agenda)

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