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By on January 9, 2019

In early 2018, 1-year-old Wesley Myers was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare form of cancer. Only about 800 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma a year in the U.S. This year was not an easy one for Wes and his parents, Tom and Samantha (Kulfan) Myers, but they faced every challenge head on and kept life as normal and fun as possible. Wes, now 2, has had about 10 surgeries, and more are being scheduled. He is also about to welcome his new little brother into the world any day now. It’s going to be a busy winter for the Myers family.

“You often hear of children across the country being diagnosed with cancer, but in your mind, it could never happen to yours,” said Samantha (Kulfan) Myers, Wesley’s mom. “When we first found out about the mass and the possibility of it being cancer, we just knew what it was, we knew it was cancer. As a parent you don’t really know what to expect, not just about medical stuff but what to expect from your child. What we got from Wes was nothing short of unbelievable.”

Wesley’s dad, Tom Myers, agreed. “I’ve never seen a 2-year-old with the endurance, bravery and patience he has shown us. He has done everything we have asked. He has walked as far as he has needed to go, he is indomitable. But if he needs it, we will carry him the rest of the way.”

Wesley Myers at the Ephrata Fair

In an effort to help in some small way, Scratch Bakes, an adorable independent cupcake cafe in downtown Ephrata, will be hosting a benefit for Wes and his family on Jan. 19. Wesley has given each cupcake flavor special dinosaur names for the benefit, and he is especially excited about the pachycephalosaurs peanut butter one.

“Very simply put, we want to help because it’s the right thing to do,” explained Laura Will, owner of Scratch Bakes. “I lost my own mother to cancer almost 10 years ago, and I understand from a very personal stand-point what a cancer diagnosis looks like, feels like, and the wave of different emotions it brings on. When someone gets cancer, the whole family gets it with them. It’s life-changing.”

All of the day’s sales will be given to the family, along with all the proceeds from a by-donation raffle that they will be holding at the cafe that day. Donations will also be accepted.
Children with cancerous solid tumors like neuroblastoma can receive cord blood transplants after chemotherapy or radiotherapy to accelerate healing and reduce recovery times. The goal is to raise enough money to cover the cost of banking the new baby’s cord blood, so that it will be there for his big brother if he needs it, and will remove one of the medical bills from this family’s plate.

“Scratch Bakes feels like the exact right place to be doing this,” said Stephanie (Kulfan) Cole, Samantha’s sister. “The benefit will be held almost to the day of one year after the neuroblastoma was discovered. They left the hospital that day, and met me and my mom at Scratch. My mom, not knowing what to do with all the fear, bought way too many cupcakes and we sat at a table in the back and just stared at each other in disbelief while 1-year-old Wesley, completely oblivious to the weight of it all, bounced from lap to lap eating the frosting off of all the cupcakes. To come back here one year later and have the community show up for them like this, I can’t really explain just how much that means.”

Will is grateful to have something to offer during the Myers family’s time of need.

“When you do business in a small community of wonderful people like Ephrata, they become much more than customers–they become family. It is so apparent that this loving family couldn’t be more deserving of some extra love, prayers, and help during such a vulnerable, difficult time,” she said. According to the family, Wesley is a smart, funny, and caring little boy who loves dinosaurs (and can identify more of them then most adults), Daniel Tiger, jungle animals, goldfish crackers, pomegranates, and his cousins. The release goes on to say he has the most devoted parents in the world, which is probably why his spirits are always so high.

“This sweet family has never asked for help, and has faced each challenge with courage and grace. This benefit will be an opportunity for their friends, family, neighbors, and strangers to come together as a community to show them that we have their backs. Like the pediatric cancer motto says, ‘No One Fights Alone’,” the release stated.

Please contact to contribute a gift certificate for the raffle, to make a donation for Wesley’s family, or with any questions. Scratch Bakes is located at 3 W. Main St., Ephrata, and can be reached at 717-466-6464.

They will be open on Saturday, Jan. 19 from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m.

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