Sensenig will spin yarns at Heritage Day, June 7

By on April 30, 2014


Ken Sensenig

Ken Sensenig

Every year, the residents surrounding Ephrata and New Holland travel to Fairmount Homes for Heritage Day. Sponsored by Fairmount Homes in Ephrata, the event is scheduled for June 7, rain or shine.
Among the featured entertainers will be Ken Sensenig, who will be participating for the tenth straight year as a story teller and entertainer.
“I have been born in Ephrata and lived most of my life here in Ephrata,” said Sensenig. “I am a teacher, specifically a science teacher by trade, not a historian.”
The story teller explained he spent time teaching in Sudan, North Africa, and then in Southern Africa, as well.
The event started in 2005 and Sensenig has been telling stories ever since.
“In 2012, I spoke on the Presidential connection from Lancaster County. Of course, I spoke on President James Buchanan and then the connection Lancaster had with President Abraham Lincoln and his brother-in-law,” remembered Sensenig.
The 60-year-old also explained that at last year’s event he discussed the Buzzard family, who hailed from the Welsh Mountains in Lancaster County and were notorious outlaws.
“They lived in Southern Lancaster County and were arrested a lot and eventually were part of a huge jail break, which actually was reported in the New York papers. Ike Buzzard eventually wrote a book about his days as an outlaw,” he said.
Heritage Day is a day filled with food and entertainment.
There is a silent auction that will culminate the day of the event. Items are on display now and individuals can go to Fairmount Homes and view them and place their bids. The winners will be announced at Heritage Day.
Each year, there is food, antique cars, farm equipment, and crafts, as well as all sorts of entertainment.
“The day is full of fun, food and inspirational events. It draws from the guests of Fairmount Homes,” said Sensenig.
This year, Sensenig plans on using a topic he discussed in the past.
“I want to discuss how the unfortunate events at the Nickel Mines School touched, not only the local community, but global as well; how the impact continues to unfold,” he said.
There are several memories that stand out for Sensenig over the past decade. The first being how the event can be seen from afar.
“There is black smoke billowing from the hilltop coming from the diesel tractors and farm equipment,” he said. “The other thing that comes to mind is just watching all the people enjoying each other and the food and fellowship,” he said.
For more information, call Fairmount Homes at 354-1800.
Fairmount Homes is located at 333 Wheat Ridge Road in Ephrata.



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