Speed restricted in Clay Twp.

By on January 16, 2013

By: JACQUELINE WATSON Review Correspondent, Staff Writer

A new ordinance restricting the speed limit on certain streets was passed at the Clay Township board of supervisors December meeting.

The streets designated by this ordinance are in the developments of Countryside and Sunnycraft. The ordinance, which limits speed to 25 MPH. is in response to concerns from various residents regarding problems with vehicles going high speeds through the residential areas. The speed limit signs are expected to be posted in the near future. As an early safeguard while the ordinance was in process, an electric sign was temporarily displayed in the one development on Woodchuck Drive, encouraging drivers to slow down because of nearby children. Resident Herb Noack gave positive feedback on the sign.

"It did make a difference…daytime it was not that effective, but nighttime, around dusk, it was working," said Noack. "I’ve talked to quite a few people in the neighborhood, and they’re really appreciative of what’s going on."

In other news:

The solicitor for the developer of Wildflower Pond scheduled a meeting to elect a board of governors for the homeowner’s association. This meeting was a step toward meeting requirements for road dedication. The governing body was selected from Wildflower Pond residents interested in the positions. The meeting was held on Dec. 27 at the Clay Township building.

"They are in fact moving forward with what they said they were going to do," noted Township Solicitor Jennifer Mejia.

Although the township is not a part of the homeowner’s association process, they have been encouraging the developer to resolve this and other requirements for the dedication of the roads. Road dedication will officially make the roads a part and responsibility of Clay Township. This will include monitoring and maintaining them.

"This is really just a matter of the township facilitating a meeting location where they have the ability to have accommodations for the residents," noted Meija on the township’s limited involvement with the development of the homeowner’s association.

"There has been much positive feedback on the walking trail in Snyder Park.

"People are appreciating it and appreciating what we built for them," said chairman of the board Timothy Lausch.

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