Taste of The Town, The Hill is Tops for Food, Fun and Friends

By on February 24, 2016

With its relaxed Cheers-like atmosphere, The Hill is always a hit for fun and flavor.
At the The Hill in Ephrata, you’ll find smooth sippin’ tequilas, innovative weekend creations, weeklong entertainment and good friends to enjoy it with. All week long, there are events to keep you entertained.
On Monday it’s Trivia Night with Quiz Markie. It’s just what you need to get primed for your own premiere on “Jeopardy,” with challenging questions to test your smarts in subjects that range from science to history to popular culture.
Then you can show off your singing talents with Karaoke Night at The Hill on Tuesdays. It’s the next best thing to American Idol, in case you missed the try-outs. Even if you don’t have a great voice, don’t let that stop you. Sing your heart out. Or just listen.
With Spring on the way, The Hill will be presenting its new Spring menu with lots of fresh, new flavors for the season.
the-hill-24feb16aWeekends are special at The Hill, when owner Jon Speros comes up with dishes you will never find anywhere else, like Filet Cordon Moo, a take-off on chicken Cordon Bleu, with filet mignon, Swiss cheese, prosciutto and apple brandy cream sauce, or Sir Lamb A Lot with lollipop lamb chops and Australian lamb chop loin.
Don’t get your heart set on any of these dishes. Jon never repeats them. So you will have to just stop in this weekend to find out what he’s cooking up for Friday and Saturday. It’s bound to be something fun, imaginative and delicious.
Throughout the week and weekend, the menu at The Hill is relaxed and casual, with burgers, steaks, tenderloin tips, baskets with fried clams or shrimp, deep dish pizza and huge dinner salads served in buckets. There are noodle bowls like the Thai noodle bowl or the Vietnamese spring roll noodle bowl with Mr. Tran’s own crispy spring rolls.
There are beers on tap, bottled beers, wines and cocktails, along with Happy Hour each weekday from 4 to 6 p.m. The Hill is also THE place for tequila. These are premium tequilas, which are quite different from what you might be thinking of when it comes to tequila. the-hill-24feb16b
As Jon points out, fine tequilas are much like fine scotch, made for sippin’ and savoring. Some are smooth, others might be aged in oak barrels for richness. At The Hill, the wide selection of super premium tequilas introduces you to the best tequilas. You can get a tequila flight, with samplers of tequilas specially chosen for you. That makes it affordable to find out what kind of tequila you like best.
The Hill is open Monday through Saturday 11 a.m.- 2:30 a.m. They are closed on Sunday, allowing for special events to be scheduled at The Hill on Sundays, so call today to plan your get-together. To find out more about The Hill, call 733-6331 or check the website at www.htopinn.com.

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