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By on February 12, 2014

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Newspaper undergoes most significant redesign in 135-year history; new website also debuts

It’s a new day for your 135-year-old Ephrata Review.

Following more than six months of planning, a re-designed Review came rolling off the presses Wednesday morning, highlighted by an easier-to-handle paper width, color on every page, new graphics, features and columns.

Though the paper certainly has seen plenty of change since its debut in 1878, the Review’s management is confident this edition represents the most significant redesign in the paper’s history.

In addition to the significant editorial changes, there was also a major adjustment made in the circulation department when most home delivery subscribers were shifted from mail to news carrier two weeks ago, getting the paper into the hands of readers in a much timelier fashion.

The most noticeable change, however, is sure to to be the size of the paper. Last summer, Review readers were asked how they would feel about changing the width of the paper to perhaps something more like the size used by parent company Lancaster Newspapers. There was a clear consensus among those who responded – make it smaller so that it is easier to handle. But many of the people who approved of the smaller size, did so under the condition that the point size not be reduced to accommodate for the smaller size. It has not been and staff will do its very best to continue publishing the same amount of the local news you have come to expect each week in your hometown paper.

On the front page you will notice a significant change to the masthead, that hopefully also continues to reflect the rich history of the paper and the town. Additionally, you will see some different uses of photography, other artwork and styles. Inside, every page of the paper will feature full color photos. Sections which previously have almost always been exclusively black and white such as the social and church news as well as obituaries, will now be in color. Sports fans will no longer have to deal with their favorite section being half color and half black and white. Everything is in color (unless a particular image does not have a color version…typically submitted or archive photos), on each page, each and every week.

There are also many other new features, changes, and additions to editorial content, detailed in the “After Further Review” column on A-16.

“These enhancements were implemented to deliver even greater relevance to our readers,” said William Burgess, president and publisher of Lancaster County Weeklies. “More local reporting, more in-depth coverage of important issues like public works, zoning, school board decisions, and public safety. ‘It Matters’ will focus on community organizations and events, covering our readers many extraordinary efforts to help improve the lives of their neighbors, friends and children. Our editorial staff, led by Andy Fasnacht, has made a tremendous commitment to the changes in terms of time and effort. Beverly Kent, manager of our advertising department, has contributed to these efforts by implementing advertising initiatives and increased distribution for our advertisers.”

In addition, interactions with this paper should be as simple as possible. Along with contact information being readily available in the main box, stories are tagged with information about how to reach the author or editors.

New and improved website

Residents will notice some significant changes to the website, including additional content, improved visuals and more simplified user tools for submitting articles, making changes to a subscription, placing ads, etc. Bookmark this page, in addition to the Review Facebook page, and make them part of your regular surfing and communication routine.

The Review would very much like your feedback on these changes. It’s important for us to know how you, the reader, feels about what’s been done if this paper is set to go on for another 136 years.

Whether you grew up with this paper, have had it on your coffee table for 50 years or more, or are new to town and have only recently become a regular reader – we want to hear from all of you.

Please send comments to editor Andy Fasnacht at 721-4421 or or associate editor Steve Seeber at 721-4423 or

Andy Fasnacht is the editor for the Ephrata Review.

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