Trail locator signs increase safety

By on December 21, 2011

The borough’s 1.1-mile linear rail trail is used by many persons of all ages for walking, bicycling, jogging, roller blading and more. There have been few emergencies along the trail, but what if one occurs?

Many people on the trail have a cell phone to summon emergency services but, without a door number, it is difficult for them to describe their location to a 911 dispatcher. Few are aware of the name of the closest cross street for emergency services personnel to locate the emergency quickly.

Through a combined effort of the Ephrata Police Department, the Ephrata Community Ambulance Association and the Ephrata Pioneer Fire Company, each light pole along the trail has been marked with an emergency locator sign. An index of the signs has been provided to the police, ambulance and fire departments to enable them to arrive at a location faster in case of an emergency. These reflective signs were provided and installed by the Borough of Ephrata as a result of the joint project.

The ability to quickly locate an emergency is not only important along the linear rail trail, but everywhere. Houses and businesses should be clearly marked with a door number that is visible to emergency services from the street. This clear marking can save valuable time during an emergency. More TRAIL, page A18

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