Volunteers needed for Ephrata Fair

By on August 26, 2015

The Ephrata Fair is quickly approaching and now is the chance to volunteer and see what it’s all about.
The Ephrata Fair volunteer meeting will be held Sept. 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ephrata Farmers Day Association building located at 19 S. State St., Ephrata.
Whether you are interested in helping with Monday’s registration of fair entries, greeting the public, the agricultural events at Tent City, Senior Day, Wednesday’s fair parade, Saturday’s Baby Parade or documenting the many exhibit winners, there is a something for everyone and no experience is necessary.

Do not worry if you only have an hour or two, or if your ability to volunteer is only on one particular day.
For anyone interested, but who may not be able to attend the meeting, contact Ephrata Farmers Day Association President Galen Kulp at 733-4451 ext 1006. This year’s Ephrata Fair runs from Sept. 22-26. For more information on the Ephrata Fair visit: ephratafair.org.
This year’s Ephrata Fair celebrates the 50th anniversary of Tent City, Ephrata Fair’s agricultural exhibit area located at Grater Memorial Park. The fair features free entertainment, rides, animal exhibits, fruit and vegetable displays just to name a few.

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