Warwick grad favored to be county’s first female DA

By on May 22, 2019

Clarification:    Herbert Moss ‘Hobie’ Crystle’s is the full name of the Democratic DA candidate

About 13% of eligible voters turn out in Tuesday’s primary election

By Patrick Burns

To the surprise of nobody, Tuesday’s primary election was a dud in terms of voter turnout.

Despite a beautiful day, only about 13% of registered voters in the county cast votes in an election that featured almost no contested races.

That broke down as 14% GOP voters turned out along with just over 11% Democrat voters on Tuesday.

Heather Adams — a Lititz native and Warwick High School graduate — moved on to what might be the most interesting competitions in November’s general election.

Adam’s primary “win” Tuesday on an unopposed GOP ballot for Lancaster County District Attorney moves her one step closer to becoming Lancaster County’s first top cop.
She’ll face Herbert Moss ‘Hobie’ Crystle, 56, the unopposed Democrat winner on Tuesday’s DA primary ballot.

Adams will be a heavy favorite in the GOP-dominated county to succeed the present DA, Craig Stedman, who on Tuesday won on an unopposed GOP ballot for common pleas court judge.
In fact, Crystle, a Lancaster-based attorney, now kicks off his campaign to become Lancaster County’s first Democratic DA.

The 300-member Republican Committee of Lancaster County endorsed Adams as its preferred candidate in March as she bested Assistant DA Karen Mansfield.

Previously, prosecutor Mark Fetterman, who had earned the most votes in the informal RCLC straw polls, withdrew from consideration for the committee’s endorsement.

Her RCLC endorsement cleared the way for her to run unopposed on the GOP primary ballot and put her in a most favorable position heading toward November.

“I think everyone respected the endorsement of the Republican Committee,” she said while with her husband John Brumbaugh outside the polls at the Warwick Township municipal building.

Adams, a Millersville graduate, former state and county prosecutor, and now an attorney with a private Lancaster-based firm, said her focus deepened when Crystle became a late entry as a Democrat DA candidate in April.

“Since learning that (Crystle) entered the race, we’ve been focused long-term — toward the general election — trying to get my background, my experience out there to make sure people know I’m qualified.”

Adams, who worked 12 years in the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office and spent more than three years as a prosecutor in the York County DA’s office, said she’ll offer a fresh perspective.
She left the AG’s office — where she worked with two-term attorney general and future governor, Tom Corbett — shortly after having the couple’s first son, Tucker, seven years ago.
That move also coincided with the 2013 election of AG Kathleen Kane who lost her law license, a few months after she began a jail sentence for perjury, obstruction and other counts in 2016.
Adams joined the Lancaster City firm, Pyfer Reese Straub Gray and Farhat in March 2013, where she has concentrated her practice on criminal defense and has become a highly rated defense attorney in that time.

She said she noticed a change “and saw some of the writing on the wall” when Kane took over as AG. Adams was gone just over a year later.

“I left for two reasons,” she said. “First I had my son and we moved back to Lititz when he was only a couple months old.”

Also the prospects of leaving Kane’s office to work for Pyfer Reese Straub Gray and Farhat was appealing to Adams.

“It’s a really reputable firm that’s got me back to where I want to be,” she said.

Following her victory Tuesday night, Adams said celebrated with her husband and Tucker.

“Thanks,” she told her followers.”

“I am honored to be the endorsed candidate for District Attorney and I’m looking forward to making my background, experience and vision for the DA’s office known to even more voters in the coming months,” Adams said.

Primary winners
Winning Republican candidates for Ephrata Borough Council were Gregory S. Zimmerman, 1st Ward; Melvin Weiler, 2nd Ward; Ricky L. Ressler, 3rd Ward; and Linda Martin 4th Ward.
Five GOP candidate’s grabbed five spots on the Ephrata School Board. They are GOP-endorsed candidates Chris J. Weber, Richard Gehman, Timothy Stauffer, Judy S. Beiler, and Trisha Y. Good.
Jobany Bedoya, who cross-filed on both tickets for Ephrata School Board, won a spot in the general election as a Democratic.

In Akron, three Republican candidates won primary ballot spots on Akron Borough Council. They include Nathan Imhoff, Justin Gehman, and Paul K. Swangren.
John Williamson, a former Republican who is the current president of Akron Borough Council, ran successfully in the primary as a Democrat.

In Clay Township, Timothy E. Lausch won his unopposed primary race for the board of supervisors while Craig Merkey is the lone GOP candidate for auditor.
In Ephrata Township, Clark R. Stauffer is a Republican who moved on to the general election for another term to the board of supervisors; Paul E. Miley moves on as unopposed for auditor; as is Joseph Strosser who is seeking a two-year term as tax collector.

East Cocalico Republican primary winners include Jeffrey W. Mitchel (supervisor); Kurt Fichthorn (tax collector); Paul Keller (auditor).

West Cocalico GOP names on ballot: Leon Eby (supervisor); Emily Sensenig (tax collector); Lori Berger and Laurie Sauder (auditors).

Denver Borough: Blake S. Daub, Lee Ritz, and Todd Stewart (council members)

Adamstown Borough: Alex McManimen, Randall Weaver, and Jerry Thomason (council members).

School Board: Pamela Brickle, Brett Buckwalter (two year term), Rev. Kevil Eshelman, Juanita Fox, Randall Reninger, and Desiree Wagner (school directors).

In races for county positions, Andy Spade moves on as GOP candidate for prothonotary position. He’ll face Democrat primary winner Dan Phillips.

Three GOP candidates are vying for two spots in the Lancaster County Commissioners race. They are Ray D’Agostino, Josh Parsons, and Douglas Brubaker.
GOP winners for two GOP spots superior court judge, ware Megan McCarthy King from Chester County; and Christy lee Peck from Cumberland County.

On the Democrat side, Daniel D. McCaffery and Amanda Green-Hawkins earned spots for superior court judge on the 2019 Primary Ballot
GOP winners on Tuesday included two in the contested Lancaster County commissioner race: Josh Parsons and Ray D’Agostino. Democratic incumbent Craig Lehman was unopposed and will appear on the November ballot.

In another county ballot, Anne L. Cooper won the GOP nomination for Lancaster County register of wills.

Also winning in unopposed GOP primary races were Jackie Pfursich as for Clerk of Common Pleas Court; Stephen G. Diamantoni for reelection as county coroner and Amber L. Martin for county treasurer

Patrick Burns is news editor of The Ephrata Review. He welcomes your questions and comments and can be reached at pburns.eph@lnpnews.com or at 717-721-4455. 

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