Blessed Easter

By on April 16, 2014


Ephrata Review,

Far above the Northern Lights, and beyond the moon, Saturn, Murcury, Jupiter and Mars, there is a place called Heaven. (It is a place where God the great creator, with his angels and saints are thought to be.)

Now let us journey far beyond time and space, and stand before the Archangel Gabriel.

Gabriel, “I have been in the court of Caiaphas. Men are gathering with swords and clubs. Their plan is to take our Lord with a kiss from Judas. The 11 are in Gethsemane with him, but they are asleep on this perilous night.”

Brooks, “But why did they take him to Pilate?”

Gabriel, “They wanted to show before men and angel…how the crack of the soldiers whips resounded in the halls of time! they crucified him on the cross of wood.”

Brooks, “Why did they not ask Jesus for proof, are you the Messiah?”

Gabriel,” They did, there is a proverb of the Jews used when anyone claims to be the Messiah. Is he the Messiah, let him tear the temple veil.

They put our Lord’s dead body in a new tomb.

All the angels of heaven watched spellbound as a whirlwind of holy breath churned about the Lord’s deepest being and he rose from the dead. Hallelujah!

Within minutes, the veil at the temple tore in half and fell to the sides.

I found myself traveling in time and space to the present day.

I now know when God is doing something wonderful, he takes on the impossibility.

May you have a happy and blessed Easter Day.

Brooks Harding


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