Is your religious liberty being threatened?

By on February 26, 2014


Ephrata Review,

Representative Gordon Denlinger’s recent proposal to protect religious freedoms seems to have backfired. Recently in the Huffington Post, the Rev. Emily C. Heath posted “How to Determine if Your Religious Liberty is Being Threatened in Just 10 Quick Questions.” I paraphrased those statements.

A. I am not allowed to attend church.

B. People can attend whichever church they choose.

A. I cannot marry the person I love legally, even though my church allows it.

B. There are some states which will not allow gays and lesbians to marry.

A. My wife is forced to take birth control pills.

B. I am not permitted to force others to use birth control pills.

A. I cannot pray privately.

B. I am not allowed to force others to pray my prayers.

A. My faith means that I can be bullied without legal recourse.

B. I cannot use my religion to bully gay kids.

A. I am not allowed to own religious books.

B. Others are allowed to read books or see movies that I am against.

A. My religion is not permitted equal protection.

B. My religion is not allowed to use our buildings and resources as they wish.

A. A different religion has been declared as the official faith in my area.

B. My religion should not be declared as the official faith in my area.

A. My religion is not allowed to build a church.

B. All religions can build their own churches.

A. I cannot teach my children stories about creation.

B. Science is taught in our public schools.

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