Living with ALS

By on August 13, 2014

ER20140813_CDaveIdheTrips2When you first receive the life changing news that you have ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and there is no cure, if fortunate to be in an area served by the ALS Association, you receive a publication named Living With ALS. This series of booklets, also available as a download, is a wealth of information. Guiding the victim and family through the many aspects of this dark time, medical, social, spiritual, legal, financial, insurance, group support, avenues to help fight etc.
To Live With ALS is a phrase I keep close at hand in my fight against it for the past couple years. No matter what, for this time I am able, to live.
Everyone dies. When I got my news, “you have ALS, there is no cure.” I didn’t ask, “why me” and still have not. Better to ask “why not me?” Why three children on a corner run down by a van? Why a sleeping teen in bed killed by a stray bullet from the street? Why a happy couple on their way home from child’s graduation killed head on by drunk driver? Why a mother of four in school of cancer? Why a sweet lady days after retirement as a productive member of the community be told of a brain tumor with just a few months to go? Why a family playing on a beach wiped out by an incoming missile strike? Why a jet full of innocent people heading for vacation? Why of starvation in a land of plenty? Why not me? I have a roof over my head. If I could swallow, I could select what I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As much water as I desire is in the next room, clothes to wear, a bed to dream in, worship without fear of persecution. Am I not still better off than 50 percent of the world?
So in keeping with the theme, I try to do all I can and send photos sharing experiences with others in the ALS Association so they may also gain some encouragement to get out and Live With ALS.
Dave Ihde



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