Please take down flag

By on February 19, 2014


Ephrata Review,

I don’t understand how an outstanding businessman can fly an American flag that is a total disgrace to every veteran.

Even after the VFW gave the company a new flag to replace the old one. It makes me sick every time I drive past it and see it all tattered and torn and faded.

The flag pole is so high that they need a lift truck to come and change it or so they tell me. Why would you put up a flag pole that you can not reach in an easy manner?

I have stopped in a few times and asked them to change the flag, please. But guess what? That disgraceful piece of a flag is still there, torn, faded and tattered. Please take down that flag that dishonors every American veteran that loves this country like I do. You know who you are and whom I am talking about.

Bruce Wolf


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