Why the snowstorms?

By on March 6, 2014


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I am only one person and I believe in trying to do the right thing along with others as we together help to bring peace and justice to the world.

I wrote in Lancaster newspapers about “how to fix a crumbling America” and details about the destruction of our youth by teaching the theory of evolution, etc.

Did anyone feel that these constant snowstorms might be an act of God and that He might be trying to tell us something? According to His mighty power I feel that we are like a helpless snowflake in the wind. Why can’t we learn to follow His direction instead of trying to deceive Him.

We talk about global warming, yet we can’t shut down industry caused by their minimal pollution. Industry is necessary for the survival of man. In my opinion, we need to caution NASA and other countries not to mess with the universe, polluting it with their unnecessary pollution and changing the stratosphere in God’s firmament. Stop and think what all those trillions could do for the poor and suffering persons of this world today.

My opinion again, to throw God’s commandments out of the courthouse was like an act of a bunch of thieves trying to destroy civilization. Man should not defy God’s word.

When we see the rainbow, we should remember God’s promise that the earth will never be destroyed again by flood. When we see the sun shining down upon the earth, we should remember God’s creation is seen in every sunrise.

May we learn to receive the love of God for a more peaceful world.

Aileen D. Kulp


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  1. Barry Bence

    March 11, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Well, not really. A very moral Supreme Being would not be busy punishing folks en masse with a polar vortex, drought, fires, floods, the guilty as well as the relatively good.Let’s not blame anyone, let’s try to understand the causes and the possible solutions. And let’s all act responsibly by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In my opinion, that’s the moral thing to do.

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