GSM Roofing raises the roof on green building

By on April 30, 2014
GSM Roofing has new office copper tiles.

GSM Roofing has new office copper tiles.

GSM Roofing, a family-owned commercial roofing company, struggled with something many employers face – a workspace that didn’t reflect their brand and ingenuity. After more than 60 years in the same space, the company now unveils a fresh look for Spring 2014.

GSM contracted Tono Interior Architects and Horst Construction to transform its 15,000 square foot outdated building into a modern, energetic, efficient workspace using the company’s innovative Green Building solutions as part of the creative design. In addition to the interior upgrades, the facelift boasts a 7,000 square foot green roof and energy-saving systems.

“Our goals for the remodel were simple – use our expertise in green roofing and sustainable building solutions to create an environment that reflects our craft, highlights the work for our clients and energizes our staff every time they walk in the door or spend time enjoying our new green roof,” explains Reed Gooding, president of GSM Roofing.

Adorned with over 13,000 sedums and flowering perennials, the vegetative roof is an oasis admitting the corporate bustle. The area provides staff common areas with outdoor seating and grilling and helps to optimize the building’s energy efficiency. Custom-made rain barrels provide an efficient water harvesting system. The benefits of the rain barrel system and vegetative roof helped the project win the 2013 RoofPoint Excellence in Design Award for Excellence in Water Management. The green roof will provide an oasis for staff who will be able to use the added space as a work area, gathering space and lunch location.

Inside the building, zinc, copper and galvanized steel were mixed with slate roofing tiles as interior cladding components to provide durability while paying homage to the company’s expertise in commercial building. The building’s old hardwood floor was re-used to create an updated appeal. Vibrant green and orange accents were incorporated with re-purposed roofing elements throughout the interior to reflect the company’s brand.

Multiple prismatic skylights were incorporated to balance the building’s electrical pull with natural lighting. The system operates with a daylight sensor to decrease artificial lighting during times of high sunlight availability. The outdated heating and cooling systems were replaced with high-efficiency HVAC systems with control-zone heating. Additional insulation was added to the roof system to increase energy efficiency.

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