Cocalico holds annual Sr. Recognition Night

By on June 6, 2012

The 2012 Outstanding Female Athlete at Cocalico was Leah Wallace, while the 2012 Outstanding Male Athlete was Kyle Felpel.

The Cocalico High School Athletic Department recently held its annual Senior Athlete Recognition Night.

Athletes receiving the E. Jerry Brooks Academic/Athletic Medal included: Megan Caiazzo, Ryan Conner, Brittany Graybill, Evan Hinkley, Josh Lorah, Jordan Miller, Tara Rakiewicz, Josh Richardson, Leah Wallace, Samantha Young and Lauren Waskowicz.

The Fackler/Hower Sportsmanship Medals were awarded to Amber Pinkerton and Daniel Mullins.

Head coaches presented the Most Valuable Player plaques to the following athletes: Boys Cross Country- Dominic Rey; Girls Cross Country- Leah Wallace; Football- Jarred Seifrit; Girls Tennis- Lauren Waskowicz; Field Hockey- Taylor Kidwell; Boys Basketball- Christian Graybill; Cheerleading- Haleigh Leisey; Baseball- Adam Marshall; Softball- Danica Schmeck.

Boys Track- Kyle Felpel; Girls Track- Amber Pinkerton; Boys Volleyball- Phil Yang; Boys Swimming- Sawyer Martin; Girls Swimming- Tara Rakiewicz; Bowling- Nicole Mengel; Boys Soccer- Austin Dehaven; Girls Volleyball- Danielle Gehr; Girls Basketball- Megan Caiazzo; Wrestling- Kam Mueller; Girls Soccer- Brittany Simmons; Boys Tennis- Drew Weinhold; Golf- Trevor Bensel; Girls Lacrosse- Kari Longstaff; Boys Lacrosse- Josh Richardson.

The athletic director’s award was given to Avery Longstaff.

Various Booster Clubs and Community Organizations presented $8,350 in athletic scholarships to the following athletes:

Cocalico Youth Baseball Organization- Andrew Harven; Boy’s Basketball- Adam Marshall; Field Hockey- Amber Pinkerton, Haley Irvine, Jordan Miller, Liza Morgan, Taylor Kidwell; Boys Lacrosse- Ryen Forry, Alex Charles; Girls Basketball- Megan Caiazzo, Lauren Waskowicz; Cocalico Midget Football- Keegan Woyurka; Connie Sola Spirit Award- Patricia Saye, Abigail Keifer.

Football- Kyle Felpel, Jarrad Seifrit; Cocalico Youth Soccer- Spencer Henry, Lauren Waskowicz, Brittany Simmons; Girls Soccer- Brittany Simmons, Brittany Graybill, Tyler Hoppman, Brooke Burkholder, Megan Caiazzo; Boys Soccer- Mitch Denlinger, Austin DeHaven, Phil Whittaker; Cocalico Youth Softball- Danica Schmeck; Softball- Megan Holt; Boys Volleyball- Luke Parsons; Girls Volleyball- Danielle Gehr; Swimming Brian Mulligan, Leah Wallace; Wrestling- Kam Mueller, Teddy Wolf.

The 2012 Outstanding Female Athlete was Leah Wallace, while the 2012 Outstanding Male Athlete was Kyle Felpel. Leah Wallace was the Cocalico nomination for the Lancaster-Lebanon League A. Landis Brackbill Award.

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