Ephrata grad to represent USA at Obstacle Course Racing World Championship

By on October 4, 2017
Ephrata’s Austin Sensenig has qualified for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship in Ontario, Canada

Ephrata’s Austin Sensenig has qualified for the Obstacle Course Racing World Championship in Ontario, Canada

Austin Sensenig, a native of Ephrata, has qualified to represent the United States in the upcoming obstacle course racing world championship that will take place October 12-15 in Ontario, Canada.

Sensenig is a 20-year-old junior who currently attends West Chester University, where he is majoring in health and physical education, with a minor in coaching. On August 5, Sensenig competed in the Rugged Maniac race which took place at Maple Grove Speedway, and finished in eighth place which was good enough to qualify him for the obstacle course racing world championship. He needed to finish in the top 10 out of the entire field in order to qualify.

With his qualification, Sensenig will be representing the USA at the obstacle course world championship in Ontario, Canada. The world championship consists of two different races, a 3K, and a 15K. Sensenig will compete in the 3K and will be going up against competitors from all over the world. When asked what it will be like to represent his home country, Sensenig thinks it will be an awesome experience.

“It’s really cool,” he said. “I’ve never had the opportunity to do something like this before. I appreciate how I got to this point. I’m just glad to be put in the position that I got put in.”

Obstacle course racing is a fast growing sport that involves a number of competitors racing against each other throughout a course that consists of many different obstacles. These obstacles include navigating through different terrains, jumping over large barriers, climbing through rings over bodies of water, and more. The competitor must complete each obstacle without failure in order to successfully complete the race. The rugged maniac race that Sensenig completed in order to qualify consisted of twenty five different obstacles, which he was able to complete in 25 minutes. Races can range anywhere from three to 13 miles.

Sensenig first started obstacle racing at the age of 15, when he competed in the Spartan race, a five mile race that took place at the local popular ski resort Blue Mountain. Sensenig says that the popular television show American Ninja Warrior inspired him to give obstacle course racing a try.

“I’ve always been interested in it,” he said. “I know growing up I always watched America Nina Warrior and that’s always caught my eye. I always thought that was really cool and maybe one day I could do that. You have to be twenty one to do that, so in the mean time I figured, why not run these obstacle course races. I enjoy running and I like the challenge it presents.”

Growing up, Sensenig always maintained a competitive attitude, and had a passion for sports. While attending Ephrata High School, he was a three sport athlete, competing in basketball, soccer, and lacrosse. Sensenig is also a trainer at the local gym Infinity fitness, where he worked tirelessly, and was able to get his body into the right shape in order to perform well and qualify for the world championship. Sensenig attributes a lot of his success to the gym and helping him to get prepared.

Obstacle course racing might seem intimidating to some, but Sensenig wants the public to know that it isn’t something to be afraid of, and that everyone can do it.

“I encourage others to go out and run these races,” he said. “They are not meant to make you feel like you can’t do something. It’s empowering, it makes you want to do more after you run them. You feel good about yourself, you feel like you’ve done something to not only help you but also helped others and to bring the community together.”

Sensenig has a Gofund me page set up to help him gain money for his expenses such as his plane ticket, car rental, hotel, and race registration. To help Austin in his quest for the obstacle course world title, you can visit his page at: www.gofundme.com/sensenigsOCR



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