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By on February 19, 2014

Todd Ruth

Todd Ruth

With very limited space, I’ll get right to the point.

It’s hard to get through what I witnessed last night and not come off as somewhat of a “Homer.” However, what happened to the Cocalico girls Tuesday in a District playoff game was a shame, plain and simple.

Trying to re-paint the scene, Cocalico and Lebanon were tied 42-42 late in their game and the Cedars spread the floor and held for one. Brittany Ulrich’s drive and shot missed to the long side, where Cocalico’s Emily White was there to gobble up the board.

It was at this point that craziness ensued.

Cocalico Coach Tony DiMatteo tried to call time-out to settle things down, but the refs didn’t see him. Then, Lebanon’s Lauren Chambers snatched the ball away from White, fell to the floor with the ball, and White was whistled for the foul with no time left.

Chambers, to her credit, was awarded a free throw, stepped to the line and calmly drained the gamewinner.

Now I understand officiating is a thankless job, and bad calls are part of the game. But with so much riding on an outcome, you can’t, under any circumstances, call a foul in that situation. Let the teams go to overtime and battle it out.

I’m OK with not giving DiMatteo time, I’m OK with not calling “traveling” on Chambers when she fell to the floor (all White appeared to do was have the ball stolen from her hands).

The point is, you call nothing, and let these two great teams decide it in overtime. Cocalico did not deserve that fate, and Lebanon I’m sure didn’t want to win that way either.

I say, “swallow the whistle,” and let the players decide it on the court.

Simple as that. Because it was a shame for both sides that it had to end that way.

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