The man with a plan

By on April 20, 2011

Todd Ruth Ephrata Review Sports Editor My buddy Nevin is a man with a plan. Go to any sporting event with him and he always has everything covered to a strategic T – how fast it takes to get there, when to leave to beat the traffic, where to park, etc. He’s like a human GPS, only slightly larger and with a manlier voice. Anyway, he’s been telling me about his secret place to park at Phillies games for a few years now. He swears by it. You park there, you can watch the final out, walk to your car, and beat the traffic out no matter how big the crowd is, he’d say. Well, this past Sunday, I finally found out the location of this great spot when my son and I joined Nevin and our buddy Preston for a trip to the ballpark. And I got to tell you, it s pretty impressive. He did leave out a few details, however. Part of the strategy to getting out quickly is leaving our seats in the bottom of the eighth and watching the rest of the game by the exit near the left field foul pole (remember, Nevin always has a plan of attack). This is where he told me that as soon as the final out is made, we are not going to run to the car but we’re going to be aggressive…

As our hammys were stretched to their limit by our aggressive walking, Nevin, huffing and puffing, said, we’re not going to bother putting our stuff in the trunk. Well, we reached the car, I hopped in as the car hit drive" and barely escaped decapitation as we went from 0 to 60 in a few short seconds. We were out of the parking lot in a flash, and we were on the turnpike in 35 minutes. We were home in an hour and 20 minutes. A near record, he proclaimed. Considering Sunday was the second largest regular season crowd in Citizen’s Bank Park history, that was quite impressive. If you ve ever spent an hour and a half trying to get out of the parking lot, you realize the knowledge I gained Sunday is invaluable. Now, I d love to share the precise location of this spot with you fine readers, but I m afraid Nevin (a great Christian man) would probably have to kill me. Nevin, your secret spot is safe with me. Samantha Santoro: Kutztown University junior bowler Samantha Santoro was recently honored by the National TenPins Coaches Association (NTCA) during the NCAA Championship banquet at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Dearborn, Michigan. Santoro, a graduate of Cocalico High School, was selected to the NTCA All-America honorable mention team. She had a 197.9 average for the season and was named to the All-NEC postseason squad, earning second team honors. Santoro, who bowled her first two years collegiately at Arkansas St., led the Golden Bears with 30 matches of 200 or more this season. Her high game this season was a 258 against New Jersey City University. Santoro was named NEC Player of the Week on October 27. She was named to the NEC all-championship team. In addition, Santoro was selected to the all-tournament teams of the Kutztown Duals, Pennsylvania State Championships and Kutztown Invitational. Congrats Samantha! Field Hockey Change: High school field hockey players will see the field in a whole new way next fall as all players will now be required to wear protective eyewear. The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) Board of Directors, in its April 13 meeting in Indianapolis, voted to mandate the use of protective eyewear that meets the current American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standard for field hockey. Acting on a recommendation from the NFHS Sports Medicine Advisory Committee, the Board agreed that the potential risk of injury warranted the requirement of protective eyewear for the 64,000 student-athletes participating in high school field hockey. While safety is always a good thing, I ve haven’t heard too many local players (and coaches for that matter) who are for it. The biggest complaint I ve heard is that the glasses will affect their peripheral vision. Now the PIAA, which governs Pennsylvania high school athletics, has to still officially vote this in. I m sure there will be plenty of opposition, but it sounds like this thing could go through. Stay tuned.

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