Trettin places 30th at CrossFit Regionals

By on June 11, 2014
Tyler Trettin (in blue) is surrounded by his wife Erin and friends who wore T-shirts to support him at the CrossFit Regionals competition.

Tyler Trettin (in blue) is surrounded by his wife Erin and friends who wore T-shirts to support him at the CrossFit Regionals competition.

Owning your own gym has its advantages. And for Tyler Trettin, co-owner of Ephrata Fitness/CrossFit Ephrata, it enabled him to take his own workouts to a rather insane level.

Recently, the former All-American football player from Bloomsburg University competed in the Open, a worldwide competition in CrossFit, the up-and-coming fitness program that is becoming increasingly popular in gyms all across the United States.

Trettin finished 46th overall (out of 8,500 competitors) which qualified him for the Mid-Atlantic Region’s CrossFit Regionals Competition at George Mason’s Patriot Center in Fairfax, VA. There, Trettin placed 30th overall.

He described the experience.

“I actually placed 54th in the Open but they also have team events too, and some of the people ahead of me qualified for the team so that opened up a few more spots and I got (into Regionals),” he said. “I was actually the last guy to qualify for regionals, but I was able to take 30th out of 46 guys so I was real happy with that, especially since I was the last guy to get in. It was a really cool experience.”

The Mid-Atlantic Region consisted of several states in the northeast, including Pennsylvania, Maryland, North Carolina and Virginia.

Throughout the three-day weekend at regionals, athletes were tested through seven different workouts or events.

“They just test you through a variety of stuff,” Trettin said. “Body weight movements, strength movements, barbell movements, weight lifting movements, gymnastic movements…basically they try to test you in all different areas to see who is the strongest, who has the most endurance, who has the best flexibility, power…everything.”

The competitor who averages the best out of all seven events is considered the champion.

“Some of the events were pretty short, and one might be like a 20-minute endurance test…you have to be ready for anything,” Trettin said. “You have to be a jack-of-all trades. You got to be able to have endurance, body weight strength, be able to lift weights, and some skill stuff too. This year they had hand-stand walking, so it included some gymnastics skills. I don’t have a gymnastic background, just a little bit through CrossFit. I didn’t know how to hand-stand walk, but I found out a month ahead of time when they released it that the second event was hand-stand walk, so I had to learn that pretty quickly. I did walk 80 feet so that was pretty good for me.”

In addition to learning how to hand-stand walk, Trettin said he cranked up his workouts leading up to the competition.

“It really takes a lot of training,” he said. “You really have to force yourself to work on your weaknesses because if you have a weakness in a certain area it will definitely get exploited.”

“To get to like a competitive level of CrossFit, a lot of the top people are training multiple times a day. Over the last year I’ve started to incorporate maybe two workouts in a day. Some people are doing it to stay in shape and others are doing it to compete. It’s a lot of tough workouts, a lot of strength training, pushing yourself with the endurance stuff and pushing yourself into that uncomfortable zone repeatedly…I guess you have to have a passion for doing that to yourself. But it’s always rewarding. You always feel so great after and that’s what keeps me doing it. I love the competitive side of it and I love how you feel after doing it and the rewards you get from it.”

His love for CrossFit and the rewards you get from it is one of the main reasons Trettin and fellow owner Chad Weaver added it to their gym, located at 505 Alexander Drive in Ephrata, about a year and a half ago.

Since that time, Trettin said their membership has grown from 25 to about 125 members.

“Crossfit is growing, and we are growing pretty steadily as well,” Trettin said. “We want to keep it growing. We just want to help as many people in this area, just help everybody live a better lifestyle. We believe that if you are more fit, it basically improves every aspect of your life. You have more energy, you are going to feel better and you are going to be able to do more things. We’ve seen so many people kind of transform themselves…they have more energy and a lot of people just love it. It’s so good for people physically but mentally as well. It’s a good outlet for people who had a stressful day… They come in here, and everyone is doing the same workout and is pushing and helping each other. It’s a really good atmosphere. We got a bunch of great people here that really makes it a fun place to be.”

“The other unique thing is it’s a group class so you are always working with a coach,” he continued. “They not only push you but also work with you on your technique. It’s a pretty intense program but that’s good because that’s how you are going to get results.”

For anyone (non-members only) who wants to try it, Ephrata Fitness/CrossFit Ephrata will offer 50 percent off the first two months of either boot camp or CrossFit if they cut out and bring this article into the gym.


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