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Student shines at science fair in 2004.

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10 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 31, 2004

•Junior Champ – Just 10 years old, Ephrata Middle School student Eric Sherman beat the odds and set a new standard in the Ephrata Area School District. For the first time in the storied history of Ephrata’s science program, a seventh grader has captured the junior division title in the Lancaster Newspapers Science and Engineering Fair. And as stated, that seventh grader is only 10. With his project, entitled, “The Effect of Common Proteases of Gelatin,” Sherman took home the junior title and was the first non-ninth grader to win the crown for Ephrata. Ephrata has had ninth grade champions in the junior division but that grade was moved out in 1985.

• Study – Though much of the attention has been on the Clay and Lincoln elementary schools over the past two or three years, the Ephrata Area School District feels it may again be time to look at the bigger picture. At the meeting March 15, the board announced that the district will undergo a building feasibility study, which will assess not only the five elementary buildings, but also the middle and senior high school, as well.

• State Gold – The Cocalico High School bowlers team got hot at the right time. And when it was all said and done, the Eagles smoked the rest of the competition. This past weekend at Thunderbird Lanes in Philadelphia, the Eagles completed the trifecta at the Pennsylvania State High School Bowling Championships. In just their third season, the Eagles beat out 35 other teams and captured their first state team title when they defeated Taylor Alderdice, 947-900, in the stepladder finals.

• DIED – Elizabeth Hoffman, Akron; Raymond McCoy, Ephrata; Nancy A. Martin, New Holland; Roger Getty, Ephrata; George Ruth, Ephrata; Brenda Book, Ephrata; Ann Wenger, Ephrata; Neal Miller, Denver; Edythe H. Miller, Ephrata; Phares W. Martin, East Earl; Earl Dosch, New Holland; Grace L. Mckee, Ephrata; William J. Womer Jr., Mohrsville; James S. Reed Jr., Strasburg; Bruce Robert Hess, Elverson; Betty Leasa, Frazer; Mary Weber, Mohnton; Jordan Musselman, Myerstown; Kay L. Morgan, Lancaster; Gladys King, Lancaster; Etta Spotts, New Holland; Joseph Allen Groff, Lancaster; John R. Stone, Berks County.

20 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 30, 1994

• Fund shortage – At a time when taxpayer sensitivity is reaching a crescendo around the state and here in Ephrata, more bad financial news may be coming this way. With less of the share of education costs coming from the state and more of that share being picked up by taxpayers, Ephrata School Board Lancaster-Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 representative Drew Myers warned his fellow board members of the impending storm. Myers, who is on the board, stated that one particular area of the IU budget that has him extremely concerned. It is the Early Intervention program, which handles special needs children ages 3-5 years of age. Those needs can range from the hearing-impaired, to the visually impaired, physically impaired and mentally impaired, among others.

• Burglary – Akron is known county-wide as a small, peaceful bedroom community. Friday night, a crime was committed more often associated with much larger, fast-paced urban areas. Akron Borough police reported that the George Wolf and Associates Inc. Realtors of 110 S. Seventh St., Akron, was burglarized sometime between the hours of 7:30 p.m. March 25 and 7 a.m. March 26. Police say someone forced open a rear window in the office, entered the building and “completely ransacked” the interior. In addition to the destruction, there was plenty of expensive office equipment taken, including: four computers, two laptop computers, two instant cameras, on fax machine, two printers, one television and a VCR, totaling $22,422.11 in stolen goods.

• Swimmer signs – Wendy Enck, who recently became the first Ephrata female swimmer in 15 years to qualify for the PIAA State meet, has signed to swim next fall with the Division One Towson State Tigers. Towson, located in Maryland, is a member of the South States Conference.

• DIED – Carl Ibach, Lititz; Emma Sensenig, Farmersville; Henriette D. Herr, Ephrata; Charlotte Zeiset, Lititz; Lititz; Salome S. Eberly, Reamstown; A. Shumeska Jr., Seattle, Wash.; William Metzger, Lancaster; Stella M. Good, Ephrata; Rine O. Mitchell, Martindale; Leslie Morrow, Florida; Richard R. Eby, Ephrata; Marlin H. Kessler, Lebanon; Luitpold Liebl, Lancaster; A. Elizabeth Eckman McComsey, Lititz; Earl D. Patches, Jonestown; Charles E. Peffer, Lancaster; Herbert G. Snodgrass Jr., Lancaster; Dorothy W. Tweed, Lancaster; David Wenger, Denver; Rev. Paul R. Wertman, Philadelphia.

30 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 29, 1984

• Protest -About 50 non-union employees of an Akron shoe factory walked off the job last Friday, but returned Tuesday after receiving what employees termed an “ultimatum” from management that threatened to cut them from the payroll. An employee spokesman, who requested anonymity, said that the all women fitting department at Miller, Hess and Company walked out of the factory last Friday in protest of their piece-work rates being cut by as much as $2 a case.

• Rescinded vote – Ephrata Borough Council last Thursday rescinded the $236,571 road paving contract it had awarded March 12 to a local contractor and approved new contracts that will divide the work between two companies. By dividing the contracts, borough officials cut $5,704 off the price tag of the street work.

• DIED – Gilbert Z. Enck, Lititz; Paul E. Mohler, Stevens; Ruth Baringer, Ephrata; Nancy Beddia, Akron; Myrl M. Ochs, Reinholds; Naomi M. Halligan, Akron; Elizabeth W. McMahon, Akron; Elsie A. Michaelis, Leola; Frank F. Treisch, Denver; Katie Rutt, Martindale; Sarah T. Pfusch, Ephrata; Roy B. Snyder, Denver; Nevin J. Hillegrass, Leola; Dr. Gilbert N. Clime, Lancaster; Esther B. Byler, Gap; John H. Lightcap. Washington Borough; Edgar H. Williams Sr., Reading; Amelia F. Lapp, Intercourse; Rhoda G. Ryan, Delaware; Fred I. Bunting Jr., Kinzers; Charles H. Murr, Soudersburg; Alice Weigand, Lititz.

40 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 28, 1974

• Fire – A fire which started in the auto repair bays of Syd Baron Auto Sales, 609 N. State St., at 11:05 a.m. Friday swept through the building creating a loss of $100,000 or more, according to Baron. The building is owned by his father, Ike Baron, 338 S. Vine St. The fire is believed to have started by a gas-fired water heater located in a small room in the building which ignited fumes from spilled gasoline. The fire, fed by the gas, oil and grease in the repair area, spread rapidly and sent clouds of dense smoke high into the air. State police fire marshal Robert Haycock reported the fire began near where two auto mechanics were repairing and draining a gas tank of an automobile in the repair area.

• Judgeship – Murray A. Schwartz, son of the late Bernie and Ethel Schwartz, who is currently residing in Delaware, has been nominated by Delaware by President Richard M. Nixon to a U.S. District judgeship in the Delaware District. The president announced he will nominate Schwartz of Wilmington to replace Caleb M. Wright, who has retired.

• DIED – Ivan S. Martin, New Holland; Raymond A. Getz, Lancaster; Fianna S. Sauder, East Earl; Elsie M. Rudisill, Rohrortown; Charles Gehman, Akron; Samuel M. Bowers, Stevens; Earl Becker, Ephrata; Edwin G. Martin, Mohnton; Irvin E. Schaeffer, Stevens; Richard G. Lorah, Denver; Teresa V. Jones, New Holland; Emma Mae Witwer, Ephrata; Lucille M .Carter, Lancaster; John B. Long, Lititz; Benjamin Baxer, New Holland; Tillie Rineer, Lancaster; Caroline M. Hauck, Ephrata; Sarah D. Kohl, Mohnton; Carolyn Leffas, Leola; Beth Anne Reel, Pittsburgh; Verna D. Foltz, Ephrata; Edna S. Fisher, Ephrata; Lester E. Shupp, Swartzville; Elsie Fry, Ephrata; Jesse Shupp, Ephrata; Lena S. Stoltzfus, Leola.

50 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 26, 1964

• Employee raise – Cafeteria employees in the Ephrata Area School District will get a 5 cent an hour pay increase next year totaling approximately $3,200. The Ephrata School Board approved the raise, which will affect some 60 employees, Monday night. The cafeteria workers also were granted the privilege of attending high school athletic events beginning next fall.

• Library debt – Action to have the borough assume ownership of the Ephrata Library after it is debt free, was taken Tuesday night at a joint meeting of the property committee of Borough Council, the library board and the Historical Society of Cocalico Valley at borough hall. Borough Council will be presented a petition to this effect in the near future. The library property, which has an outstanding mortgage of $22,000, is owned by the historical society.

• Tree program – The borough Shade Tree Commission on Monday mailed tree contracts to all property owners along Main Street reconstruction area with a replanting program to beautify both the business and residential sections after the new street is completed. Under the terms of the contract, the property owner agrees to pay $25 per year for three years for each three planted on his property.

• DIED – William H. Culp Jr., Lincoln; Peter D. Weinhold, Lancaster; Katie Lesher, Ephrata; A. Florence Gochhenaur, Lancaster; Elias E. Hornberger, Ephrata; Clayton M. Gibbel, Ephrata; Harry Rathman, Adamstown; Adam H. Enck, Schoeneck; Shirlyn Beyer, Ephrata;

60 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Eprhata Review

Issue of April 1, 1954

• Closing time – Ephrata merchants will embark on a three-month trial during June, July and August of closing stores at 6 p.m.

• Banquet – The third annual Booster Club sports banquet will take place Tuesday night, April 20 in the Ephrata Legion home. It will feature top speakers from the world of sports, with Jim Trimble, coach of the Philadelphia Eagles professional football team, heading the list.

•DIED – Phares Gockley, Murrell; Phillip Seppi, Lincoln; Arthur A. Eshelman, Ephrata; Harry Foreman, Blue Ball.

70 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 30, 1944

• Tax – Beginning Saturday, the new Federal excise taxes will be applied to admission prices to the Main and Roxy theaters. The tax is one cent on every five.

• Banquet – The first of the father and son banquets – which are expected to become annual events – of the newly organized Reamstown Lions Club was attended by upwards of 100 fathers and sons.

• DIED – William G. Hellinger, Rothsville; Mrs. Kathryn L. Spangler, Ephrata; Mrs. George M. Zeiset, Brownstown; Calvin M. Lausch Ephrata; Mrs. Elam K. Fahnstock, Ephrata; Addison G. Hagy, Schoeneck.

80 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 30, 1934

• Resigned – L. J. Schneck resigned as manager of the J. C. Penney Company store, a position he held for six years.

• Years of service – Ray Aires, a well-known local musician, has just completed 10 years of service to Ephrata and surrounding areas in his chosen profession of music, one of the greatest of all the arts.

• Clinic – Dr. John R. Wertsch, local optometrist and jeweler, is attending a three-day clinic at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, Reading.

• DIED – Christian Eshelman, near Terre Hill; Peter Ray Fry, Erb’s Corner; Zacharias Forry, near Clay; John F. Grosh, formerly of Denver.

90 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 28, 1924

• Resigned – Amy Reemsynder, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Reemsynder, recently resigned as the manager of the large Ephrata shirt factory of S. Liebovitz and Son.

• Named – Governor Pinchot named Joseph H. Strickler, former principal of the Franklin Street School, to the board of trustees of Stevens Trade School.

• Party – A surprise party was held in honor of A. M. Artz on his 77th birthday. An elegant dinner was served. Present were Agnes Artz and George Gerhart, Mr. and Mrs Samuel Drybread and daughters Fay and Jane; Anna Showers; Randolph Bechtel and out-of-town guests.

• DIED – Frank S. Lausch, Ephrata; Helen D. Brubaker, near Denver; Mrs. Elwood Fritz, Adamstown; Mrs. Mary White, Adamstown; Samuel R. Fichtbright, formerly of Denver; in Wernersville

100 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of March 27, 1914

• Sold – Ira E. Fasnacht sold his milk route, his teams and some of his outfit to I. E. Smith, who will continue to serve Fasnacht’s former patrons.

• Leaving – Harry “Monk” Doremus will leave soon for Asheville N.C. where he will play centerfield for the Asheville baseball club.

• DIED – Reuben Herman, Akron; Elizabeth, widow of Hiram Dehart, Reinholds Station; Mary, wife of John Strickler, near Denver.

Research for Years Ago is compiled weekly by Review Staff writer Dena Reedy. Much of the style and information reported is written as it appeared in its original form.

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