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Freshmen at Ephrata High School will choose a curriculum for the first time in 1964

10 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 25, 2004

• Anticipated vote -A vote regarding the cost of electric to residents in Ephrata Borough remains incomplete after Mayor Ralph Mowen elected not to cast the tie breaking vote at Monday’s special meeting of borough council. He opted instead to table the vote until next Monday’s work session at which time council will re-vote on the issue. Should the vote again end in a tie, he is required by law to render a decision. Mowen said it was not necessarily the proposed 15.6 rate hike that caused him great hesitation but the portion of the ordinance that alluded to further exploration of the rates in relation to the borough’s electrical reserve fund.

• Sale approved – At Monday’s meeting, the Ephrata Borough Council approved the sale of the former borough hall, 114 East Main St., to Ray and Doris Good for $640,000. The Goods have been leasing a portion of the approximately 22,000-square-foot property since January when their Church Avenue offices were destroyed by fire.

• Champs – Ephrata’s Nate Rock and Cocalico’s Matt Fittery both brought home District Three AAA wresting championships from Hershey this past weekend. For Fittery, it was two in a row, while Rock’s title was the first district crown for Ephrata since 1997 when Pete Mielnik wore the gold.

• DIED – LaFern Bowman, Stevens; Carl Schnader, Denver; Pauline Rutt, Ephrata; Simeon, Martin, Stevens; John S. Brossman, Ephrata; Luella Gamber, Ephrata; David L. Dickinson, Denver; Miriam Ruth Gehman, Ephrata; Violet A. Yellets, Ephrata; Carl R. Sammet, Akron; Pauline K. Fritz, Adamstown; Benjamin J. Bottenfield, Denver; Elva Wenger, Ephrata; Sarah L. Shupp, Ephrata; Mary E. Weitzle, Akron; Betty Bender, Salunga; Milton L. Brubacker, Millmont; Ruth Burkert, Columbia; Infant Jeffery Scot Nolt, Loysville; David C. Fritz, Lancaster; Katherine E. Parmer, Elizabethtown; Chester Durczewski, Lititz; Eula Mae Kline, East Petersburg; Leona S. Honberger; Seymour Baderak, Lancaster; Fern V. Wisser, Fleetwood.

20 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 23, 1994

• A candidate – As the list of Republican candidates for Terry Scheetz’ 99th Legislative District House seat grows, the Democratic party has endorsed its candidate. It is Ephrata’s well known American Legion leader L. Quinton Eisemann.

• Good news – As Farmer’s First Bank makes preparations to re-open a branch at Ephrata North, good news on the condition of burn victim John Lapp comes out of Crozer Chester Medical’s Burn Center. Lapp, who was burned severely in the Feb. 5 fire at Farmers Reading Road location, has been upgraded to stable condition according to a Crozer spokesperson Wednesday morning. The construction foreman was checking a propane heater on that day when an explosion burned him and led to the fire which destroyed the branch.

• Kindergarten proposal – A kindergarten center is being proposed in the Ephrata Area School District. This proposal is to house all of the district’s kindergarten children in one building. The administrators hope this proposal will take place by the 1994-95 school year. A town meeting is planned for March 1. It is to inform parents of how this plan is to be implemented and the benefits of a kindergarten center. Those who attend will also be given a chance to give views and concerns, and hopefully have some questions answered.

• DIED – Rev. Guy J. Moyer, Ephrata; Hazel A. Stroble, Lititz; Peter F. Foltz, Lancaster; Mary R. Weaver, Ephrata; Donald M Lynn, Leola; Margaret Hellinger, Berks County; Kathryn Fasnacht, Ephrata; Howard Scears, Akron; Erma M. Weber, Ephrata; Edith M. Horst, Akron; Katie B. Martin, Denver; Emma E. Lichty, Ephrata; Miriam Imboden, Ephrata; Cora I. McClean, Robesonia; David Claude Coble Jr., Lititz; Arlene K. Erb, Holtwood; Alice M. Gardner, Lititz; James C. Kohl, Morgantown; George E. McCreery, Lansdale.

30 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 23, 1984

• Outstanding woman – Named Pennsylvania’s “Outstanding Young Fire Fighter” earlier this month by the state Jaycees, Wanda G. Roland of 122 W. Franklin St., has now been named Pennsylvania’s “Outstanding Young Woman” by the state Jaycee Women.

• Fireman of the year – Richard S. Roland of 122 W. Franklin St. was named “Fireman of the Year” at the Lincoln Fire Company’s 11th annual banquet held Saturday night at the fire hall. An active member of the company since 1975, he has served as corresponding secretary, lieutenant and vice president and is currently a captain, serving on the squad truck.

• New officers – Two members of the Ephrata Area Young Farmers Association have been elected to serve as officers of the Pennsylvania Young Farmers Association. Thomas Zartman of Ephrata R1 was named president of the state association and Vernon Leininger of Denver R2 was elected to his second consecutive term as secretary. Zartman served as president-elect for the state association last year and and moved into the president’s post this year.

• DIED – Lloyd Mentzer, Ephrata; Luther F. Gehman, Denver; Kristy Rae Boley, New Holland; Joshua L. King, Leola; Joseph B. Garber, New Holland; Florence S. Ochs, Reinholds; Austin P. Brubacker, Brickerville; Ralph Fizz, New Holland; Monroe W. Wike, New Cumberland; Robert K. Zerbe, Newmanstown; Robert D. Mooney, Lancaster; James J. Angstadt, Sinking Spring; Paul H. Dillon, Shillington; Mrs. Dorothy M. Mowery, Lancaster; Mrs. Maude I. Pierson, Lebanon; Roy W. Stoner, Lancaster; Donald G. Haberstroh Jr., Lancaster; Gilbert A. Fisher, Mohnton; Harold W. Shaar, Lancaster;Anne D. Ford, Narvon; Ruth E. Mentzer, Blue Ball; Russell L. Eckert, Hopeland; Paul W. Boyer Jr., Ephrata; Israel W. Brendle, Goodville; Pearl D. Leisey, Akron.

40 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 21, 1974

• Hidden gasoline – Ephrata Borough’s police, with the assistance of members of the Pioneer Fire Co., removed an estimated 334 gallons of gasoline stored in the basement of Hemlock Road home, on Friday evening. The storage of the gas was in violation of borough ordinance 593, which prohibits the storage of flammable liquids in homes in excess of 25 pounds.

• Gas rationing – If the inspection sticker on your car shows a number 3, you are entitled to drive to your favorite gas station today and make a purchase. Tomorrow, to do the same, the number will have to be a 4. And so on. Odd numbered stickers on odd-numbered days and even numbers stickers on even numbered days. That is the gist of Pennsylvania’s new gasoline “rationing” system.

• DIED – Michael Sensenig, Ephrata; Bradley Weidman, Rothsville; Ruth Longacre, Terre Hill; Harvey H. Gehman, Reinholds; Lillian A. Raihl, Ephrata; Dora Bachman, Denver; John Brenneman, South Bend, Ind.; Suie E. Helms, Lititz; John P. Tothero, Mohnton; John F. Smoker, East Earl; H. Forrey Johns, Lititz; Raymond B. Givler, Denver; Maude Brendle, Ephrata;Infant Lillian E. Sensenig, Ephrata; Peggy Penwall; New Holland; Warren S. Dull, Lititz; Infant Ruth Naomi Good, Buncombe, Ind.; Melvin D. Randall, New Holland; John L. Wallace, New Holland.

50 Years Ago
Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 20, 1964

• New curriculum – Curriculums and courses at Ephrata High School will be explained to parents and students at a special meeting Monday night at 7:30 p.m. C. Daniel Biemesderfer, high school principal announced. He said ninth, tenth and eleventh grade students soon will be required to select their courses of study for the next year, and that special assemblies have been arranged during which students will be informed what courses will be offered and how they should make course selections. The most important decision, he emphasized, will be made by freshman, because they will chose a curriculum for the first time.

• Snow storm -The Ephrata area was hit with its second 12-inch snow storm of the season, which started early Tuesday afternoon and continued until mid-morning yesterday. The Reading Weather Bureau yesterday noon reported that it isn’t over yet. More snow is expected late tomorrow or early Saturday with a possibility of more of the white fluffy stuff late Sunday or early Monday.

• Shoe merger -The stockholders of five shoe companies, including three local firms, have approved a plan of merger with the Miller, Hess Shoe Co. of Akron as the surviving Corporation, Miller, Hess President A.P. Hallman announced last week. Others in the group are the Highland Shoe Co. of Akron; A.N. Wolf Shoe Co., Denver, Hubler Shoes Inc. Auburn and Bachman Shoes, Inc of Middletown. Action was taken at a special stockholders meeting Feb. 1. The Highland Co. is a distributor to independent retailers. The other firms are shoe manufacturing units.

• DIED – Luella G. Horning, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Ameila Witmer, Ephrata; Lyman L. Leisey, Ephrata; Floyd M. Coldren, Mountville; Laurie E. Hoffman, Bethlehem; Ray S. Long, Stevens; Alice S. Mowery, Conestoga; Robert K. Mease, Lancaster; Levi W. Conrad; Rothsville; Margaret V. Wallace, New Holland; Clinton R. Weinrich, Reinholds; Helen E. Brown, Akron; Bertha K. Ruoss, Goodville; Harry W. Hoober, New Holland; Infant Barry R. Kreider, Annville; Susan Claudy, Reinholds; Caroline W. Hess, Leola; Charles C. Brenneman, Millersville; Charles Haas, Elverson; Christ E. King, Gap; Ralph D. Leibig Sr., Ephrata.

60 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Eprhata Review

Issue of Feb. 25, 1954

• Factory fire – An exploding oil stove set fire to a sandstone factory along Reinholds, R1, north of Denver, and as the flames completed the destruction they also wiped out the only horn comb business in the country, owned and operated by by the Crouse family since Revolutionary times. George Washington Crouse, 88, owner of the business, discovered the fire.

• Crowing – Miss Mildred Wolf, daughter of Minnie Wolf of Denver, RD, was crowned “Miss Valentine of Greater Lancaster County at the Grand Theater in Lancaster.

•DIED – Mrs. Stella Binkey, Reinholds; Mrs. Goldie E. Hehnly, Ephrata; Amos S. High, Ephrata; Samuel S. Zimmerman, Ephrata; Mrs. Della Burkholder, Ephrata.

70 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 24, 1944

• Vacation – Mr. and Mrs. Aaron J. Martin and their five children, Narvon, have left for Mexico, there they hope to escape all forms of rationing and, according to the 59-year-old farmer, one can do as he pleases.

• Birthday – Joan Yvonee Shimp is a big girl to be celebrating her first birthday anniversary. You see, she was born four years ago on Feb. 29, a Leap Year daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Simp, Stevens, and will celebrate next Tuesday for all four years.

• DIED – Mrs. Frank W. Mohler, East Earl; Henry B. Shirker, Ephrata; Rev. John W. Weaver, Blue Ball.

80 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 23, 1934

• New term – Samuel M. Rathman, Adamstown postmaster for 19 years, on Wednesday received his commission for that office for another term.

• New store – Edward Packman’s Quality Store will open Friday noon of this week in the Good building, East Main Street.

• DIED – Mrs. Louisa Sailor of Denver; Mrs. Amaretta I. Ammon, Brownstown; Nettie K. Frymyer, Akron; John F. Steinmetz, near Lincoln.

90 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 22, 1924

• Injury – Helen Sweigart, who lives near the Mountain Springs, slipped on the icy pavement recently and fractured her ankle.

• Surprise party – A surprise party was given for John Mink, teacher at the Bethany secondary school, recently at his home near Ephrata.

• Relocation – J. G. Frankfort, for his 15 years an agent for the Prudential Life Insurance Co., has resigned, and he and his family will move to Reading.

• DIED – Aaron S. Lippus, Ephrata; Mrs. Matilda Adams, near Reamstown; Mrs. Rebecca Grebill, Brownstown.

100 Years Ago

Wednesday’s Ephrata Review

Issue of Feb. 20, 1914

• Class trip – Recently the pupils of D class of the borough high school accompanied by their teacher, Miss Hackel, went on a sleigh ride to Terre Hill and back. Clem Mohler was teamster and the livery team was secured from Phares Mohler.

• Enlistment – Charles Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller of West Chestnut Street, enlisted in the United States Army recently.

• Illness – Jacob Krouse of Lincoln Avenue is confined to bed by an attack of pleurisy.

• DIED – Mrs. Elizabeth W. Weaver, Terre Hill; Barton L. Steffy, Terre Hill.

Research for Years Ago is compiled weekly by Review Staff writer Dena Reedy. Much of the style and information reported is written as it appeared in its original form.

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