Adamstown to issue ‘tickets’ for messy properties

By on January 10, 2018
Shad Lewis is sworn in by Mayor Johnson at the Adamstown Borough meeting. Photo by Michele Walter Fry

Shad Lewis is sworn in by Mayor Johnson at the Adamstown Borough meeting. Photo by Michele Walter Fry

The Adamstown Borough council meeting lasted 34 minutes on Jan. 2, but time was spent efficiently.

Mayor Dean Johnson swore in elected council member Randy Good; President, David Matz; Vice President, Cindy Schweitzer, and Mark Bansner.

Shad Lewis was sworn in as new council member, replacing Mike Wetherhold.

The borough’s Code Enforcement Officer will be issuing “quick tickets” in accordance with its newly devised Property Maintenance Code ordinance.

This comes after neighbors complaining that other neighbors’ properties are not tidy enough. Messy neighbors may have to “pay out or clean up.” The tickets will act similarly to a parking ticket.

“Instead of going to work and sending a letter, if he sees a violation, he can give a quick ticket,” said Good. “Typically, he (Jim Frane) tries to give people an opportunity to clean the stuff up before he fines them.”

“If he pays, it’s a done deal, but if he doesn’t pay it, I think the police department has to go out,” said Johnson.

Council asked Sam Toffy to contact the Ephrata Police Department to let them know of the procedure.

Council approved a motion to print the quick tickets.

Annual appointments were announced for other positions:

Sam Toffy, Secretary/Assistant Treasurer; Lisa Crouse, Treasurer; Jessica McManimen, Planning Commission (four-year term); Rosemary Johnston, Tax Collector (four-year term); Diane Hertzog, Deputy Tax Collector; Dean Johnson, Adamstown Representative at police meetings; Tommy Kashatus, Cocalico Area Appeals Board; Mike Hession, Carolyn Hildebrand (alt.), Cocalico School District Municipal Representative for LCTCB; Dwight Yoder, Gibbel, Kraybill and Hess, Zoning Hearing Board Attorney; Tom Berman (by resolution), Zoning Hearing Board (three-year term); Josele Cleary of Morgan, Hallgren, Crosswell and Kane, Borough Solicitor; Hanover Engineering, Borough Engineer; Scott Brown and Christopher Taylor, Hanover Engineering; Robert Getz, Sewage Enforcement Officer; Rental Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, Jim Frane, CIS; Zoning Officer.

In other news:

  • Lieutenant McKim was asked if the Ephrata Borough Police have been monitoring speed in the borough.

“Yes, we have,” said McKim. “We’ll be rotating our details around.”

  • Chief Roth delivered the fire report.

“I want to point out a positive thing,” said Good. “There were 17 calls and zero calls were Adamstown. We didn’t have any loss, any accidents.”

Roth said there was no fire loss in the borough last year.

  • Cindy Schweitzer was in favor of financially supporting the Historical Society of Cocalico Valley.

“I think it’s an important thing that we need to support,” said Schweitzer. “They do maintain our historical records.”

  • Jessica Kelly reappointed Ralph Vedder as Citizen Representative to the Recreation Committee.

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