Adamstown to consider all police service options

By on July 15, 2015


Police coverage for 2016 was on the minds of many residents and others in attendance at the July 7 Adamstown council meeting.

“I’m curious about East Cocalico’s proposal (for police service cost) for 2016, “ said Councilman, David Gundrum.

“We’ll give it serious consideration…I think we’ll lay them all down and compare,” replied Mayor Dean Johnson.

Asked after the meeting how many cost proposals for police service Adamstown has received, Johnson said: “Just East Cocalico’s.”

Johnson explained talks with Spring Township and Ephrata Borough have occurred. Ephrata would consider covering Adamstown if West Cocalico were also included in the police service contract.

“State Police coverage, although an option, has some problems,” Johnson said.

Officials from Denver and East Cocalico, who are working toward a regional force by Jan. 1, using the current East Cocalico Police Department, sent police cost proposals to Adamstown, per borough officials’ request, and West Cocalico Township supervisors, who had not requested such a proposal.

The proposals also open the possibility for discussion of a multi-year contract if that’s something Adamstown or West Cocalico wants to consider.

Unfinished business included discussion of a noise ordinance. Solicitor Joselle Cleary suggested having the police department read a draft of the noise ordinance because officers would be enforcing it.

Ray Burns, retired from East Cocalico Police Department, said: “I know…one (ordinance) around here is in Denver. It has to do with decibel levels at certain times and the borough’s enforcement officer enforces it.”

East Cocalico Township also has a noise ordinance, which is explained on the township website. It is effective between 10 p.m. and 7 a.m.

In other business:

* The street paving quote of $5,905 for Jefferson and Second streets was approved, unless Public Works Director Mike Palm secures a less costly quote.

* Mid-year personnel evaluation reports were completed. Councilman David Gundrum, personnel committee chairman, reported that everything is satisfactory.

* Council approved the PennDOT Winter Traffic Services Agreement for the 2015-2016 winter season for $127.89. This applies to a section of Willow Street from Main Street to Route 272 which the borough plows for the state.

* A resolution requesting a Greenways, Trails and Recreation Program Grant of $75,000 from the Commonwealth Financing Authority for the Brookview Neighborhood Park was approved. Council thanked its newest member, Jessica Kelly, for her work on the grant and appointed President Randy Good and Kelly as officials to execute documents relating to it.

* Approved, with conditions such as an insurance certificate, Gehman Mennonite Church using the basketball courts on Aug. 22 for a tournament which is open to the community.


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