Bear Mill Estate in Denver to receive Historic Preservation Trust award

By on November 4, 2015

Bear Mill Estate in Denver will be receiving a C. Emlen Urban Award on Tuesday, Nov. 10, when the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County presents its Restorative and Adaptive Reuse Awards.

The award will go to Kerry Lee Kegerise, who worked with an outstanding team of architects, designers, contractors, craftsmen and preservationists to transform a 1739 grist mill into Bear Mill Estate.

Review file photo Workers in the process of renovating the main building at Bear Mill Estate earlier this year.

Review file photo
Workers in the process of renovating the main building at Bear Mill Estate earlier this year.

Throughout Lancaster County, barns, grist mills, breweries, warehouses and taverns have been revitalized and reimagined by those who are dedicated to historic preservation.

In honor of their commitment to preservation, 10 of these properties are being recognized by the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County in the 49th Annual C. Emlen Urban Awards at Lancaster Country Club.

The awards ceremony is named for C. Emlen Urban, the distinguished local architect who changed the cityscape of Lancaster more than a century ago with Southern Market, the W.W. Greist Building, the Watt & Shand building on Penn Square, now the façade of the Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center, the Hager Building, and the Bausman Building.

According to Gary Klinger, Historic Preservation Trust board president, the awards honor those with the commitment and foresight of preserving historic buildings and keeping history alive.

“Our award winners are the lifeblood of the Historic Preservation Trust of Lancaster County,” said Klinger. “They are the ones who making it happen, brick by brick, board by board and nail by nail. They are crafting the reality of historic preservation here in Lancaster County and we thank them for it.”

The non-profit Historic Preservation Trust was founded in 1966, and annually recognizes projects that have taken an active approach to preservation of historic structures and revitalization of neighborhoods.

The 2015 awards honor individuals, restoration and adaptive re-use, community revitalization, and master craftsman honorees.

Individual awards: Sen. Lloyd Smucker and Randy Patterson for special recognition and to the S. Dale High Family Foundation for Philanthropy.

Leadership awards: Karen Sullivan, for her exceptional guidance in preserving and revitalizing the Marietta Community House and Old Town Hall Museum, and to the Lititz Historical Foundation for their work in preserving the history of Lititz. Susan Lovie will be honored by the Heisey/Haubert Award for her dedication to historic preservation.

The Smedley Award, named in memory of Lancaster Newspapers journalist Frederick “Chip” Smedley III, will be presented to David Schuyler, professor of American Studies at Franklin & Marshall College for his role in helping to preserve Lancaster County’s history through his book, “A City Transformed: Redevelopment, Race, and Suburbanization in Lancaster, Pennsylvania 1940-1980.”

The Catherine Barge Tavern in Strasburg, owned by Beth Gunnion, is a circa-1787 log tavern that has been painstakingly restored. Brick Gables in Warwick Township has reimagined the landmark 1800s open-brickwork barn into a wedding and special occasion venue, as well as Zig’s bakery, deli and café. Brick Gables is owned by Carol and Dean Ziegler and their family.

Community Revitalization Awards: Fulton Theatre Cast House and Jeff Peiffer. This structure dates back to circa 1850 and was once a residence and salon. Now it provides living space for Fulton Theatre cast members.

Wacker on Walnut, once known as Wacker Brewery, dates back to 1910, and is now owned by Henrietta Heisler who has redeveloped it into a revitalized community business center with Henrietta Heisler Interiors, yoga, physical therapy and a future restaurant.

The Historic Preservation Trust will also present master craftsman awards to tinsmith Charlie Messner, who crafted the tinwork chandeliers and lighting fixtures for the entrance of Bear Mill Estate in Denver, and to Tom Lainhoff who served as contractor for the Catherine Barge Tavern in Strasburg.

The Historic Preservation Trust is housed in the historic Sehner-Ellicott-von Hess House at 123 N. Prince St. Call 291-5861 or visit for more information. Guests are welcome to attend the awards dinner.

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