Closed-door meeting causes debate

By on September 4, 2013

On Aug. 28, a board of Cocalico municipal leaders, who formed a police board to discuss police coverage for Cocalico, held a closed-door meeting that many believe may be in violation of the Sunshine Act.

The Sunshine Act is a law that requires official government meetings to be public.

The group, according to an article in the Lancaster Sunday News, claimed the meeting was to simply gather information and because there was no quorum, the meeting was unofficial and closed to the public and press.

A Lancaster Newspaper reporter argued that because the group was meeting as a police board, the quorum issue was invalid and the meeting should have been public.

A protest letter was sent to Noelle Fortna, East Cocalico Township Supervisor by the reporter, that states the "reason you have listed for closing the meeting does not meet the provisions of the Pennsylvania Open Meeting Law," according to the article. The letter also asks that the board reconsider their decision to close the meeting and asked that the protest letter be recorded in the meeting minutes.

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