Cocalico computer order a money saver for district

By on May 3, 2017

Cocalico School District has pre-ordered 500 student laptops early, a move that will complete the district’s 1:1 computer initiative and save the district $65,000 over next year’s costs.

The purchase, approved by the school board April 24, also shifts the expense to the current budget year, which helps the district as it tweaks a tight spending plan for 2017-18.

By buying from Apple now, business manager Sherri Stull explained the district would move $395,000 off its expense sheet for next year.

Earlier this month, Stull presented board members with a revised budget that shrunk an expected deficit by $943,735 due to better revenue estimates and reduced expenses. With the computer fees gone, the district has reduced its potential costs by $1.34 million since unveiling a draft in early March.

The board will review its proposed budget again at its May 15 meeting, with final adoption slated for June 19.

The 500 computers will be assigned to students in the fifth and ninth grades next school year. Each student will use the 11-inch MacBook for four years, at which point a lease period ends and the district expects to buy replacement models.

Also Monday night, the board approved the purchase of new social studies, math and AP economics and AP computer science textbooks at a cost of $154,765. Those items were previously included in the 2017-18 budget.

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