Cocalico Middle School to perform “To See the Stars”

By on February 21, 2018

Cocalico Middle School is proud to announce the performance of this year’s dramatic production of “To See the Stars”. Shows will take place March 1-3 in the Cocalico Middle School Auditorium and all performances will begin at 7 p.m.

“To See the Stars” will transport audiences back to 1909, a time when factory work has become the new norm and mass production of goods is on the rise. Thanks to a stylish, ready-to-wear blouse called the shirtwaist, garment making in New York City is an industry that has become popular and profitable. Tragically, though the industry is making profits of $50 million, the young immigrant girls who work in the factories are earning barely enough to survive and they are working under inhumane conditions.

When the shirtwaist girls at Johannsen’s Shirtwaist Factory appeal for help from their male-dominated labor union, they are denied support and not taken seriously. With nowhere else to turn, the girls decide to take matters into their own hands, band together, and go on strike. They endure beatings, starvation and even prison, but they ultimately win the first industry-wide strike in American labor history. The play will demonstrate how these young immigrants battle to change history and turn the cries of victims into cheers of victory.

“To See the Stars” is a large-scale production featuring a cast of 43 student actors and 15 student technical crew members. Leading roles include Maddi Sauder as Bridget, Jilian Musser as Anya, Cameron Nye as Joe, Jack Lesher as Roth, Gwen Zecchinelli as Clara, Dylan Koehle as Judge, Breana Ensinger as Ruth, Brandon Peirce as David, Raven Crause as Teresa, Kiera Tran as Nora, Delaney Gable as Lenore, and Summer Bartholomew as Violet. Stage crew captions are Jillian Youndt, Molly Fasnacht, and Karli Snyder. The show is being directed by Ms. Amber Swiatocha and Mr. John Walton with the assistance of Middle School staff members Mr. Tim Butz, Mr. Karl Bierly, Mr. Brad Kafferlin, Mrs. Melissa Moore, and Miss Becca Kase; Cocalico High School students Madi Flatt, Cutler Synder, Jane Register, and Caitlin Lesher; and parents Mrs. Pamela Boronow and Mr. Mike Fasnacht.

Tickets for “To See the Stars” cost $5 per person and seating is reserved. Seats can be reserved by contacting Mrs. Barb Conway at the Cocalico Middle School at 717-336-1471 or they can be purchased. based on availability, at the door on the nights of the shows. Don’t miss this powerful production that will leave you inspired by the power of sisterhood.

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