Cracking up…Sidewalk issues, responsibilities focus of Adamstown meeting

By on July 19, 2017

At least two groups of residents attended the July 11 Adamstown Borough meeting regarding concerns about replacing sidewalks and curbs at their own expense.

“How do we know what needs to be replaced?” asked Stephanie Scheifley.

Councilman Mike Wetherhold, who has taken on this responsibility, said he’s had about nine calls from residents so far on the subject.

“I’d be happy to come to your house to discuss what the committee and inspector found,” said Wetherhold. “In some cases, we found there were some errors in the letters; it’s hard to be real detailed because in each letter it has to be real specific to that homeowner.”

Resident Tracy Cox said she doesn’t want to be responsible for replacing her “lifting” sidewalk because UGI has pipes installed underneath, contending “it’s their fault” for her lifting sidewalk.

Cox was asked by council members if she contacted UGI.

“Are you kidding me?” responded Cox. “That’s like banging your head against the wall.”

Conversation at the meeting turned to Wetherhold speaking for a Boy Scout from Troop No. 4318. For an Eagle Scout project, the youth is proposing to provide and install one or two fire pits in The Grove.

“The point this gentleman told me what he sees in various places, people are having a bonfire, and he felt that having a formal firepit, that it would better control it and be safer,” said Wetherhold.

“Isn’t the park closed at dusk?” asked Councilwoman Cindy Schweitzer. “This actually kind of scares me. I have no problem with the Boy Scouts, but just to have them out there for anyone to use?”

“They were recommending that they would install them with a grate over that could be locked,” said Wetherhold. “At night, you would have to reserve it through the borough.”

Schweitzer was concerned for the trees in the Grove.

“I don’t like the idea and we’d have to ask police to double-check it that at night,” said Schweitzer. “If there’s a fire, those trees are gone.”

Councilman Alex McManimen noted that Troop 61 wheels out a fire ring when they have camp fires.

Wetherhold said when Community Days, which he helps coordinate, has events a few times a year, they also have camp fires at The Grove.

“You have a vested interest in that Grove,” said Schweitzer.

“I think you’re opening up a big area for abuse,” said Council Vice President Dave Matz.

The idea was turned down.

Mayor Dean Johnson is expected to speak at the Cocalico School Board meeting this month concerning the lack of a morning school crossing guard at Adamstown Elementary. This comes after complaints from parents and residents. Johnson will provide a review of comments at the next borough meeting.

Also in the news, Schweitzer is looking to possibly change the borough’s trash disposal service which could save each resident some money.

Johnson said he pays $69 per quarter, and Wetherhold said Terre Hill and Christiana may pay $100 per year.

Scheifley asked council if there is an ordinance where residents are required “to have to have trash pickup.”

“We have a problem with a neighbor where the trash sits for months and months and months,” said Scheifley.

Council responded that it probably falls under a property maintenance ordinance.

“If a complaint is made, you would have up to five days to clean up the area,” said McManimen. “If nothing’s done after five days, the borough has the option to clean it up for you and charge you a fee and a penalty on top of that.

“If they don’t pay the fee and penalty, we can throw a lien on the house.”

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