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By on September 25, 2013



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During the Sept. 16 Cocalico School Board meeting, teacher contracts, which do not expire until June 30, were passed through the 2017 school year with the cooperation of the Cocalico Education Foundation, the school district, school board and superintendent Bruce Sensenig. The contract includes a 2.4 to 2.2 percent salary increase over the next three years.

"We see a lot of other districts and administrations and the animosity that comes from this and we’re fortunate that we put this behind us and focus on educating our children." commented board member Michael Messner.

Member Steven Richardson also took a moment to thank the team, but voiced his oppositions to the new contract.

"This is a major increase," said Richardson. "While this is a good contract, the burden clearly falls on the backs of the taxpayers. I can’t support another layer of cost."

With the exception of Richardson, the board voted to pass the contract.

Former Denver Elementary fifth grade students presented Project Citizen to the board. The two-year-old program is a capstone to "We The People" and is co-sponsored by the Center for Civic Education. The goal is for students to find civic issues within their school, research the problem and find solutions. Former students from Georgette Hackman and Matt Eshleman’s classes talked to the board about two issues: a misplaced No Thru Traffic sign and launching an Aevidum group in the elementary school.

"Students get a chance to showcase their project to parents and administration, identifying the problem and coming up with a solution," explained Hackman.

Ella Musser, assistant to the superintendent, presented a report on the district’s summer school program and the comprehensive plan stating goals of the district through 2017. The plan will be available online and at Adamstown Library and will seek approval at the Oct. 21 board meeting.

Other approvals included:

The treasurer’s report with an ending balance of $23,915,397.43

Investments for the general fund

Capital Project Fund in the amount of $72,555.41 for the Adamstown roof, HVAC, food service equipment and CCTV upgrades

Bids for a commercial lawn mower and pickup truck and snow plow

Special education supplemental contracts for the 2013-14 school year

Preliminary adoption of policy manual updates and changes

School Leaders Legal Liability Insurance Policy

Child rearing leave for Kati Lett

Resignations of Susan McMinn and Kristyn Seiz

Supplemental contracts for Sonya Leisey, varsity assistant cheerleading coach; Erin Ruth junior high cheerleading coach; Darren Geib, JV head basketball coach; Janet Peck, middle school musical choreographer; Kati Lett, middle school technology assistant; Lindsay Ehrat, middle school technology assistant; and Sarah Snyder and Carol Simmons, teacher mentors

Support staff: Deborah Bernard, Melanie Walsh, Deborah Stauffer, Monica Lee, Diane Snyder and Rayann Burkholder

Sport event workers, volunteer coaches and teachers to be added to the substitute list.

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