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By on January 11, 2012

By: ANGELA CABEZAS Review Staff, Staff Writer

Pastor Nadia Krinitsin (center), youth pastor Ania Hoffman (center right) and associate pastor Matthew Hoffman (center left) stand with their congregation at Treasures of Heaven Community Church. (Photo by Stan Hall)Pastor Nadia Krinitsin (center), youth pastor Ania Hoffman (center right) and associate pastor Matthew Hoffman (center left) stand with their congregation at Treasures of Heaven Community Church. (Photo by Stan Hall)

The path to establishing Treasures of Heaven Community Church in Denver has been a long one, but Pastor Nadia Krinitsin and her family have walked it in faith.

Born in 1958 in Mozyr, Belorussia, then part of the Soviet Union, much of Krinitsin’s life was a struggle. By the age of 30 her world was crumbling around her, the young woman’s health and marriage both failing. Ailments such as kidney cancer and bone, heart and thyroid disease, likely caused by living in close proximity to Chernobyl, resulted in frequent trips to the hospital. It seemed as though Krinitsin’s life would never hold more than pain and heartache.

Then, one day, Krinitsin’s mother came into her hospital room and announced that there was one solution, and one solution only, to Krinitsin’s problems — Jesus. She then handed her daughter a Bible and left the room.

The experience proved to be a turning point in Krinitsin’s life, and she prayed for redemption and an escape from her trials, both emotional and physical. To her joy and surprise, her prayers were answered.

"Everything just worked in an amazing way," she said. "God healed me completely, and my cancer disappeared. So many miracles have happened."

Another miracle took place shortly afterward when Krinitsin’s husand Aleksandr, amazed at his wife’s transformation, dedicated his life to Christ as well. Their marriage, previously on the brink, became full of love once again, and the two were so thrilled with their new lives that they began to share their experiences with everyone around them.

The couple began to hold church services in their apartment, and within a year the number of people who attended had grown so much that the Krinitsins were led to rent an empty movie theater to accommodate the 300 members of their congregation.

After finishing their studies at Calvary International Bible College and several years of planting churches in Ukraine, the Krinitsins felt called to extend their ministry to the United States, and they immigrated to York, where they established Bible study small groups and, eventually, another church.

Several years after moving to York, Krinitsin began to feel that God was pointing her in another direction yet again. She felt called to minister to Eastern Europeans in the Ephrata area but knew that it could be a long time before such a thing could happen. She continued to pray and waited patiently for the timing to be right.

Ten years went by, and one night, while meeting with members of the Eastern Regional Conference Church of God, Krinitsen began sharing her idea for a new church with Chuck Frank, the conference’s director of church planting.

"We originally met to help them, as a church, grow and be more effective, but out of that meeting so much transpired," Frank said. "Nadia expressed her heart and the vision that God had given her to try to reach the Russian and Eastern European population in the Ephrata area, and we basically just said, ‘Then why aren’t you over there?’

"Interestingly enough we happened to have a building near Denver that was vacant. It was up for sale, and as the conversation continued we told them we might be willing to let them use the building for free."

Also present at the meeting that night was Travis Jarrett, a church planter visiting from the Boston area. In his youth Jarrett had helped his father plant churches in Eastern Europe, and he and Krinitsin began exchanging names of people they had known there. Then, suddenly, they both started shouting in excitement.

"They realized they had worked together 20 years ago to plant a church in Ukraine. It was like a reunion," said Frank. "At that moment we knew God was up to something."

With the support of the Church of God, the Krinitsins started the process of moving their church from York to Denver, and they launched Treasures of Heaven Community Church on Nov. 6. The congregation is currently a small one, but to Krinitsin, this is only temporary.

"We believe there’s going to be so many people the building will be crowded, and we will see miracles," she said. "We’re still waiting for the revival, the big revival, when this just becomes like a wave and can touch everyone in this area."

Hoffman, who serves as the church’s youth pastor, shares her mother’s faith.

"God’s putting everything together. It’s like a puzzle," she said. "We stood for a few years where it seemed like nothing was happening. But we kept saying, ‘It’s going to happen, it’s going to grow, it’s going to increase and God is going to move.’"

Sunday services at Treasures of Heaven begin with worship at 10 a.m., followed by a sermon at 10:40 and lunch shortly afterward. Bible study and worship take place at 7 p.m. every Wednesday, and another worship service is offered on Fridays at 7 p.m.

"What really strikes me about Nadia and Treasures of Heaven is that the moment you walk in the door you feel the love of God," Frank said. "Nadia has incredible stories about what God has done in her life, and I think that’s what they’re offering to people — a message of grace and a message of freedom, of healing and life-giving."

Frank also pointed out that though the Krinitsins moved to Denver to bring salvation to the Eastern Europeans there, their church is for everyone.

"Nadia and everyone at Treasures of Heaven have the ability to bring people together in unity, no matter what their culture," he said. "I’m hoping that God will use them in an amazing way to draw hundreds of people — Eastern Europeans, Americans, Hispanics, everybody — to experience the grace, love, forgiveness and hope of Jesus Christ."

Krinitsin emphasizes that point as well.

"People will come, different people speaking different languages," she said, "but there will be one language — the language of love. It’s something God commanded us to do: love one another. Love your neighbor as yourself. And sometimes it’s more like be patient with each other. Because all people are different."

Treasures of Heaven Community Church is located at 85 Mountain Road, Denver. For more information, call 968-2683, visit or e-mail More CHURCH, page A12

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