Denver hangs banners honoring veterans

By on May 17, 2018

Veterans banners, also known as hometown hero banners, will be added to the downtown Denver area. Residents may purchase a banner to honor a relative who served in the military. The veteran must live or have lived in Denver.

Order forms for the banners are available on the Denver website at They’re also available at the borough office.

Each banner will include a picture of the service member, his/her branch and years of service. The cost of each banner is $110. Applications should be returned to the borough office. Any questions should be directed to the borough office. The phone number is 717-336-2830.

Council has talked about this project over the last two years. Councilman John Palm led the charge to bring this project to fruition. Kick-off for the program will be Denver’s Memorial Day celebration, when the borough joins the nation in paying tribute to the men and women who served and presently serve in the military.

Denver’s celebration begins at 9 a.m. with a short parade from Denver Volunteer Fire Company on Locust Street and ends with a brief program at the Veteran’s Monument in Denver Park at the corner of Main and Eighth Streets.

The project will include installation of 94 banners. Fifty banners will go on wood poles located on North 6th Street, Main Street, South 4th Street and Lancaster Avenue. The pole locations are where “Welcome to Denver” banners currently hang. Banners don’t last forever, and these banners need replaced.

Banners will also be installed on the 18 decorative poles located in the 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street as well as on the 26 decorative poles located in the Denver Memorial Park.

The veterans banners will hang in place for two years. Then they’ll be returned to the individual or organization sponsor.


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