Denver supervisors discuss streetlight vandalism

By on April 10, 2019

Borough Manager Mike Hession, reported at council’s April 8 meeting that steps have been taken to assure the decorative, downtown street lights in the 200 and 300 blocks of Main Street are not vandalized again.

On or about March 15, someone cut the tabs (hasps) on seven of the eight junction boxes which house the breakers for the downtown business district street lights. Consequently, the lights were not lit on March 15.

C.M. High staff investigated and determined the street lights were functioning once breakers were turned back on and junction boxes housing the breakers indeed had been vandalized.

On March 30, Councilman Todd Stewart emailed Hession that the same downtown street lights again were not lit.

Hession said he went to the downtown site, reset all the breakers and returned again that evening to confirm that everything was working.
Previous to the new street light installation, C.M. High recommended a lockable tab on the bottom of each of these boxes at a cost of $300. Council previously approved this action and on April 1, new tabs and padlocks were installed.

Hession spoke with East Cocalico Police, various property owners, business owners and tenants on Main Street to ask if they had seen anything happening with the street lights and to please call the police if they do see anything.

In other business:
• Council heard that all permits and agreements are in place for the third phase of Denver Skate Park to proceed. Council passed a resolution allowing Matthew Arment’s company, Arment Concrete, to disassemble and dispose of the mid-piece of equipment at the skate park. Arment completed fundraising for this third phase of the project. Council previously said how fortunate the community is to have an interested group contribute so substantially to the skate park improvement.

• President Blake Daub complimented the borough on how great everything looks. People walking through town notice the park’s construction projects on the skate park and the connecting of all park walkways. The new Veteran’s Banners and street lights look wonderful. Daub thanked everyone who helped with the Denver Park Clean-Up Day on April 6th. The borough provided free hot dogs and water to all helpers.

• Junior Council Member Landon Leininger, reported that Cocalico’s prom is Friday, April 12, at the Eden Resort. Post prom is at Cocalico High School.

• Lancaster Sunday Newspapers in their April 28 edition will highlight the town of Denver.

Alice Hummer is a correspondent for The Ephrata Review.


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