Denver waits for write-in results

By on November 16, 2011

By: MICHELLE REIFF Review Staff, Staff Writer

The Nov. 8 election identified two-thirds of the new members of Denver Borough Council.

Republican candidates Walter Fink and Michael Cohick were on the ballot and were elected to serve on borough council for the next four years. The filling of the third seat will be based on the results of the write-in vote.

On Nov. 9, Denver Borough Manager Mike Hession spoke with a representative from the Lancaster County Board of Elections concerning the election results for the third borough council seat.

Hession said that according to Paul at the board of elections, his office would not begin reviewing the write-in ballots until Nov. 14.

"If there are multiple write-in candidates with the same number of votes, the county will send each a letter to see if they are interested in serving and all who are will be invited to the board of elections office in Lancaster in late November/early December to draw to see who will win the seat," said Hession after speaking to the board representative.

The official ballot results posted on the Denver Fire Company door indicated that 11 write-in votes were cast for the third borough council seat on Nov. 8.

"The borough should learn of the final member of borough council by early December," said Hession.

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